Gluing magnets

I use a magnetic clip for my hydration tube. There’s a clip on my tube and another on my PFD.

Works fine but the magnets are wimpy so I purchased some stronger neodymium disk magnets and want to glue those to the existing clips (on top of the existing magnets). After prepping the clips, I tried Liquid Nails, let it cure for 24 hours and on the first check, one magnet gave way. The Liquid Nails is like silicone; easily peeled off.

Picked up J-B Weld MarineWeld this afternoon, a marine epoxy that seems like it will be a lot more rigid than the Liquid Nails.

Think this will work? Any other suggestions?


G Flex?
It’s my go to stuff when I want something to stay put. Sticks to metal fairly well too.

Wonder if it comes in small containers
Will be going by West Marine tomorrow and will check it out. Thanks.

Why need magnets?
I assume you are talking about a tube from a plastic bladder that is inside a hydration pack added to the back of your PFD?

I bring the tube from the top of the hydration pack, under my right shoulder strap left to right and then thru the top of the skinny right hand pocket on my PFD (an MS-FIT). That way the end of the tube is always available, never in my way paddling and secure while I do stuff. I have tucked the end into the pocket itself at times when a lot of scrambling was involved.

It does require a PFD with pockets to do this, but it is also no fuss. I just have to run the tube correctly before I launch. I have had gotten it caught in the top of my skirt at times if I mess up the sequence.

I second the G-flex
No, it doesn’t come in small tubes.

It comes in plastic bottles about about 1-1/2" diameter by about six inches high each, and it costs around $22.

I always keep a supply on hand it is so good

Jack L

surface area
glue needs surface area equal / adhesives holding power=force applied.

‘That said’ neo mags fall off a flexible steel thin rod/wire’s flatened end without help from 'force applied.

There’s a photo, as you know, of this in my photo brochure.

the mag fell off. Is there a coating ? I did not retry.

If searching, 3M’s adhesives email people will suggest a 3M product for your problem.

I use Glfex now for body work. A prepared surface coats with Gflex no sag then a predrilled panel rivets onto the surface. Gflex holds fairly well there.

G Flex 655

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Is the thickened version that comes in two 4-oz. tubes in a kit for about $25. I keep both types on hand. Great stuff.

Behind seat or in stern hatch.
I don’t want to carry a liter of water on my back so I tuck my Cambelback (tethered) behind my seat or in my rear hatch.

Borrowing from the WaterTribe, bought an extra hatch cover, drilled a hole in the center, glued in a rubber washer gizmo, and the tube runs through the center of the hatch and connects to my PFD by the magnetic clips. If my kayak and I part company, I won’t be tethered to the boat.

Although sometimes that might not be a bad idea.

No coating on mine.
Just shiny metal, which I sanded and scratched up. I think the problem with the Liquid Nails is its flexibility. Don’t want flexible - need rigid, so definitely stopping at West Marine on my way to paddle Lake Michigan tomorrow.

Sounds like G Flex is the ticket - thanks, everyone, for the recommendation.

Glue think

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find elastic stretchable material poss lycra, wrap stretch n glue magnet between material n hose, glue material ends.

an R&D ...maybe on First Aid or packing material...?

Look thru the area searching: flexible materials for industrial fastening(eg)

I’ve always used…
…CA (super glue) plus activator.

Like this

Oh, OK
You have more commitment than me. I am way too lazy too put new holes in things, since that creates a forever need to check it for water tightness afterwards.

It is why I won’t go without a day hatch, since I can access it on the water to solve problems like needing more water. Or checking my GPS when I need a confirmation since I mostly use charts.

Interesting back history with TidRace kayaks and their smaller person boat, the Xcite. When they first came out it really intrigued me, but it was going to have to be worth my while to make the drive because the nearest dealer meant a trip to Manhattan to try it out.

The only thing is, it did not have a day hatch. I had email with the company asking if they could add one. They vehemently insisted that their market would walk away from the weight of the additional hatch cover and bulkhead, and it was an unnecessary feature anyway. But this part of the smaller market was not going to drive three hours to test paddle around barges for a boat with no day hatch.

I subsequently found that my little obsolete, weather cocking Vela was a champ in tidal races and surf. And I figured out how to get the seat flatter so I lost the backache and it was already paid for. I forgot about the other guys.

So fast forward a few years, and when I looked again the smaller person’s boat had a day hatch and a number of purchasers like myself who would not buy a boat without it.

Apparently they found a way to add the day hatch after telling me no way…


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I guess Gflex glues fabrics. G glues fiberglass cloth. Usually fabrics get Weldwood red contact cement. For tent repair as an example.

superglues AFAIK do not glue poly tubing.

super glues are brittle. OK set in
place but not for a stretch n pull systems.

This may be true of fabrics in comparison to Weldwood.

Weldwood is inexpensive.

need not glue fabric magnet holder to tubing.