Gluing thigh braces

I need to reglue a minicell foam thigh brace that has recently come off my boat. Must the dried glue on the boat and the foam be removed first, and if so, how?

If the dried glue is well adhered…
…you can leave it there and just apply contact cement over it. If the old glue is loose, you need to remove it. Peel off what you can, then use lacquer thinner to remove the rest.

thanks Brian…
Do you still do outfitting workshops any more?

I usually run a workshop…
…over the winter, typically in February. I plan to keep running them as long as there is a demand for it from the other club members.

Is it safe?

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Forgive me, my experience in this field is very limited, but I know some polymers dissolve when treated with paint / laquer thinners. Perhaps sanding down the affected area would be safer.