gluing vinyl to kevlar


I need to put air bags in a Kevlar canoe. The rigging for the bags has vinyl backing, so the question is how to attach vinyl to Kevlar. Robbie at Raquette River Outfitters says Bell recommends VynaBond, with the following non-standard procedure:

(1) Clean both surfaces.

(2) Coat the Kevlar and the vinyl. Don’t attach the two surfaces. Let both coats dry completely.

(3) Give the Kevlar (only the Kevlar) a second coat, and attach the surfaces.

Any opinions on better glue or better technique?

– Mark

Ditch the vinyl patches
in a composite boat you’re better off using epoxy to glue down short strips of webbing or rope.

Vinyl patches are for Roylex boats.

Ah’ seconds
Tommyc1’s epoxy advice.

Fat Elmo