Taken from the recent article “Fishing For Opinions” (http://www.paddling.net/guidelines/showArticle.html?451)

I used to make poly kayaks for a living. One of the coolest colors for a kayak happened as a result of using recycled material. Scrap happens, it’s a manufacturing reality. But those hulls can be ground up and recycled, and those savings could be passed along to you. But, are you willing to spend a little less money for a less than attractive boat in order to give Mother Earth a helping hand?


Go Green

what do mean by …
… “less than attractive boat” , just a color thing or something other ??

If you are talking about spending less for less “pretty”, then if it’s a significant amount - maybe. But it can’t be heavier, slower, less durable, or less in any other way FTM. I have seen boats made of recycled material (Old Town) and they were heavy pigs. Wouldn’t buy that new - no way.

Marketing research! Why don’t you just say it?

less expensive? more green?
It’s been my experience that “green” usually means more expensive, not less unless there’s an overriding factor such as durability or weight.

As for less attractive, depending on how it is done, I could see the boat being MORE attractive…as long as durability, smoothness and weight remain the same, I can ALWAYS paint if it I don’t like the color now that they’ve come out with plastic compatible durable paints.

Of course, I’m not really a fisher, just a paddler, so who am I to judge?