Go Pro mount for kayak

Just got a Go Pro… How are you guys mounting them? Helemt, on the fron’t, or behind the paddler?



The old standby for years and years



Over the shoulder
I had seen a lot of videos were the GoPro was mounted from behind and I thought this looked awesome. I did a diy one by taking a metal flange and pop riveting that onto the stern of my kayak. Then I took a piece of pvc pipe and cut it to the legnth I wanted, put an end cap on and then took the GoPro handlebar seatpost mount and put it on the piece of pvc.

I use the helmet mount. I don’t have the new version which comes with the remote, and I don’t want to come back with multiple gigabytes of video after every paddle, so I stick to a mount where I can reach the controls.

I have it at the top of the helmet (teletubbies look), but this does get in the way with some strokes (like bow rudders). Considering moving it down towards the front of the helmet (the miner look). Some have been using it to the side (the borg look), but usually with the Oregon Scientific Camera, not the GoPro. I think the GoPro mounting system isn’t as conducive to the borg look.

nice how to vid

some more options for you
Check out these mount options:


The possibilities are endless!

I’ve been considering the same and if so, I’m going to add as many mounts as possible for different perspectives.

I have it on the front

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and there too it sometimes gets hit by the upper hand. I got used to the position so that happens rarely lately. My reasoning for putting it there was that it would be better protected in case of capsizing over rocks on WW and I think it is indeed a better position as the scrapes on my helmet are more on top than on the front. If you have a large shade on the helmet you might not even be able to hit it in normal paddling.

As an added benefit, all waves look 3" bigger as the camera is lower, he-he...

Having it mounted on the head also works as a shake reduction and auto-leveling system - videos are really smooth, as long as you remember to not look nervously around all the time...