Go Pro Users

I decided that I’m going to get a GO PRO camera. I’m going to use it mostly for my Kayak, but I’d also like to mount it on the motor cycle for those track days. I’m not sure how I’m going to mount it on the Kayak, or if I’ll mount it on my white water helmet. So the question is I see they have couple different models of the camera – Out door, motor sports and surf edition… Which one would you recommend for me? And are there any accessories you would recommend I get while ordering the camera?

Get the outdoor GpPro
It comes with several mounts, you can get extras and they’re reasonably priced. You’ll probably want to get the handlebar mount, It should work on the motorcycle and you can use it on your paddle to get some shots either under water or away from your kayak. I would ask the GoPro customer service about what mount to use on the kayak.

make a lanyard for it
I didn’t do that and it came off in a swim. Never even downloaded my first video from it.

this may be worth it

I think I’ll get one of these.

surf mount may work, but get helmet too
The surf kit works well if you have a pretty flat area of top deck but if much curve you may need to adapt. Having a camera on the very back is nice to include yourself in the action. The helmet mount lets you shoot your action but also is easier to aim at others.

In addition to the problem of the surf kit not working well on a curved deck it also puts the camera pretty low which I find is sometimes a problem in surf because it gets covered in the white water a bit much. But at least being low makes it more durable. I had though of rigging some way to mount it higher and handle a curved top deck better. I think they also have a adapter to a standard tripod/camera screw mount which could give you more options.

Good info
Thanks everyone. I can’t wait to mine.