Goal Zero solar charger

I was at Summit Hut last night and saw the Goal Zero Guide 10 solar charger set-up.

It seems like a good way to keep my Steri-pen & flashlight batteries and Nook (ebook) charged.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Keep it simple
I think as time goes on in my life I am traveling lighter. I’ve been trying to eliminate this sort of thing from my kit. I do carry a gps and a plb. But I don’t need to be charging things so I don’t need a solar charger. Seems like the more things I carry the more complex life gets which is the exact opposite of what I am trying to do when I’m in the woods.

Goal 10 Guide Pack
I’ve looked at the Goal Zero 10 Guide Pack for this.

But, in general, when the weather is nice, I paddle. When bad, I lay over. But bad weather days aren’t always good for getting solar charge. One thing to keep in mind - the Goal Zero is not water proof. The panel itself is, but the connections are not (and you can’t use it without it being connected).

I have considered putting it inside a dry case, like what they make for iPads and such. But some batteries don’t like either being heated or to be sealed, so not sure how well that would work.

Brunton has some units that are self contained and listed as water resistant.

I find the opposite
WhenI was younger,I went ultralight! Rarely even a tent, mostly a blanket…

But as i get older, the bones want a double-thick pad under my warm sleeping-bag and a bug screen.

So on the days and evenings when I want to just sit there, a Nook comes in handy (often bettter than a book) which means recharger.

An older topic
but I figure, anyone got anything new to add since the price for the Goal-0 adventure has dropped to double digits.

Plus with the AAA adaptor, there is now my headlamp, flashlight, Steri-pen, etc all in one.

plus leave it on deck in a map-case with silica-gel packs to charge the batteries as I paddle, then use the battery-pack to charge the Nook or phone???

You seem to be pushing this product on all of the old threads related to solar chargers. What is your connection with the company/product?