God's Pocket, Vancouver Island ...

Has anyone had any experience in this area. I am considering a trip to this area during the late summer.


I’ve scuba dived and paddled there.
It’s a wonderful place and the paddling is spectacular. I assume you’re staying at the “God’s Pocket Resort”?


I’m hoping to paddle and camp for seven days or so. I found some good info in “The Wild Coast” by John Kimantas. But, was interested in any insights into the area from folks who have been there. Snorkeling sounds very good.

I am considering camping one or two nights at Hurst Island where GP Resort is located.



we had the same idea
and are trying to find a balance between the rainy fall weather and get a grip on just how many other paddlers, cruisers, etc. we might run into in late summer. Any experienced advice is welcome.


Not very many people…
kayak that area according to “The Wild Coast” by John Kimantas. I think you may want to paddle before September if possible. I am still trying to gather info, but the area is very remote with a rugged coastline. The possibility of being delayed due to storms is a concern, so build in some extra days as a cushion.

When are you considering going? Are you looking at God’s Pocket or Cape Scott or both? I am looking at a total of three paddlers going at this time.


We’re going
the first 1/2 of August, probably flying the 4th, launching the 5th. We’ll spend time in Queen Charlotte Strait, but also cross the strait to paddle in the fjords. Sadly, we only have 12-13 days on the water.

We don’t know much about the area (but know alot about the weather and currents). We have 4 books (all recommendations from pnet), and are awaiting charts.

Any and all advice is welcome.


Been there
and am willing to help. E-mail me directly and I’ll respond privately. I recommend paddling over to the mainland BC coast from there. Superb, but exposed country.