Goin to the bathroom

when you’re out on the water. No.1… and there just isn’t a restroom nearby. Especially if you are in a SINK… I’m just askin

Two methods I use
A half gallon milk jug with the cap on, and the bottom cut off.

If I forget to bring it, I use my large sponge

“The bride” uses a “lady jane” with a tube to a jug

jack L

Golden Arc
Pinch the tip to build up pressure, then arc it over the side, use a sponge at the end. I’ve paddled with women who take turns bracing one another so they can hang over the side of the boat.

when racing long distance
I usually have water in a bladder but bring a 20 oz sports drink. Finish it first, then you have a pee bottle.

get out
go, and get back in.

In the canoe, I use a bailer (bleach bottle without bottom), which I’m taking anyway. It is unisex (with a little practice).

Coor Light screw top pints

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A dual purpose beverage!


I recommend having 2 cans available for the second purpose (a.k.a. #1)

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simple ziploc bag
I had used bottles but had to stow them to be handy but secure. I found stuffing a ziploc bag in a pocket handy. Then rinse in the water, and stuff back in PFD pocket til next time.

my method
Piss in a beer bottle. Put the twist cap back on. Put it back in the cooler.

twist cap?
you should drink better beer! hehe

Butt… wat iffin’ one has…

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ta go... Number 2. Yer knows like after ettin' some bad chineese cheese wantons!

Ammo cans? It be a 'yak so maybe in de rear hatch? Or maybe wat dat priest did in de movin' talkie "Black Robe"?


That explains it!!!
The beer I drink tastes like piss.

He looked funny with his únö’sha’ hanging over the side.

Black Robe
Watch The Black Robe movie, set in 1634 Quebec. Priest’s bare butt, right over the side of the canoe doing his thing at 18:45.


While on the Yukon 1000 mile races, we didn’t go quite that far in our voyageur canoe, but made extensive use of bottles. The ladies of the team used various contraptions of their own making.

You Talking Both Solid and Liquid Right?
When racing, there’s no stopping, so you pee in the boat.

If you can’t hold the solid stuff in, best to jump in the water and aim down wind, for the stuff floats.

find a tree
Find a tree. All trees are unisex accessible.

I like this one!

A Racer Did Just That
About ten years ago, racing the Kauai World Challenge, a 36 mile coastal relay, where he was in the water and just about ready to do a partner switch, when suddenly, he bolted off into the woods adjacent the beach to take a dump. His partner remained in the water holding the surfski until he finished. Fortunately, it was the last leg of the race and the paddler taking the dump was a fast paddler, who made up most of the lost time. Smart thinking, after all, I guess he didn’t want to have an accident and start chumming the shark infested waters.

be prepared

try Citracell 3 days prior, Little Debbie fig newtons night before then getcha motah runnin, get out to the outhouse…


on urination ?

always pee at the end of pool, top of the canyon, just before rip suck.