going back today to paddlefest

Yesterday, Scupperpro frank and I (with my family) went to the Adventure Times Paddlefest in West Palm Beach. We tried out a bunch of boat, mostly SOT’s as I am looking for one for my wife.

I was very interested in the Impex line and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that they had the Assateague, Mystic, Outer Island, Force five and Force 4, and I saw the Susquehana in the distance.

Talk about fast! (course I am coming from a plastic Tempest) The force 5 and 4 are the same hull but with a 1 inch difference in volume/deck. Danny was there and he told me that the force 4 seat was going to be lowered 1/2 inch in the production model and for me anyway, this will make a tremendous difference as I was a bit cramped under the braces.

both boats have a 20.5 inch beam and are 18 feet long, as well as the Outer Island which I will comment about in a minute.

finish and quality was superb, and I was most impressed that Danny was there himself along with another guy who was a BCU coach and extremely helpful. Scupperpro ran off with his card but I will get another one today.

The outer island WOW! loved this boat even though I barely squeezed into it. Definitely a point a to point b boat as it does not want to turn for nuttin unless you do a seriously aggressive lean. but in compensation, it will get you there fast, and it is a greenland kayak that is superb for rolling and other gp moves. As I said I barely squeezed into it and would probably practice the Petrussen manouver a bit before going out alone…:slight_smile:

I think the force 4 and Force 5 are going to be real winners for Impex. And more importantly, compared to some of the other dealers reps out there yesterday, I think their customer service is really impressive.

I am going back today with the GP so I can play with the Impex boats and maybe a Current Design or two.

the Hurricane Phoenix and the CD Kestrel sit on tops were very impressive too. I think I prefer the Phoenix but to be fair the CD was a prototype.


I am surprised that …
…since you were with Frank that you didn’t come home with several new yaks !!



yeah I know
But it was my wife’s van (Mazda MPV new) and I doubt that Frank would have had much chance of strapping one on top. Besides, Sally wasn’t there so you know he didn’t have any money. I had to buy him breakfast! :slight_smile: Actually he did pay for the tolls on the way up but strangely enough on the way back, his wallet was “all the way in the back of the van”.

I am seriously kidding here! (even though the wallet in the back part is true)

I think he was hoping to see a Solstice GTX and an Extreme from DC and they didn’t have any of those. shame really.

Wilderness systems had mostly rec boats and a couple of Tsunamis. No Tempests or higher end boats…again a bit of a dissapointment.

who obviously went all out was Impex, with Hurricane coming in also with a nice variety and CD also, just not the ones Frank wanted to see.


Tell him to make sure he opens…
the picture I just sent him of my 17 foot plastic Eclipse entering a class III rapid in the Dan River Kibler Valley Run (race) last month.



For your next trick we want to see you race a WW yak in the Bogey…

(I sent the pic around -impressive, Jack, and way cool!)

Now THAT a WW squirt boat for the Bogey would REALLY be a case of HAVING to REALLY


-Frank in Miami

Not so hard if…
… you manage to get a line on to Barton’s stern at the start!