Going fishing!

Finally! We’ll be putting in on Wednesday. We’ll paddle and fish for bream for a day. Camp, then paddle out and bass fish the next day. It’s a simple overnight trip. I’m stoked.

I’m glad someone is getting on the water.

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congrats and good luck… bidD sorry to hear your still hemed up. After some of you post up some fishes and stories, i will continue with mine, but I feel maybe I was depressing people with mine while you all were stuck in due to the weather… I am sure how you don’t want to hear about me canoeing up the ducks head waters this last weeked, and catching some black perch, red eyes, several 2-3 lbs bass (a smallie and a coule kentuckys) or the 5+ I caught :wink: come down to tennessee boys and girls, it is where its at…

Gone fishing and just got back
Last minute, we changed our plan. We ended up paddling a saltwater bayou out to a sandy point. Fishing and camping ensued. Fun was had by all. We caught some fish. Snagged some big ones that we just didn’t get in the boat. Then we paddled out. If I didn’t have to be somewhere I’d have stayed there on that point for a few more days.

glad you had a good trip! Sorry you missed some biguns

Sounds like a cool trip
Way to stay flexible and have fun. Well done!

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