going for a week of paddling....

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What do you guys bring in terms of food? What kind of meals do you prepare? ANy help here would be appreaciated. I never went this long 3 days is a max for me and would like to know who other cope?



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I will not eat packaged freeze dried food, nor would I serve it to friends. So, here is an example of a pantry approach for a week of our longer trips: A month-long trip for two can fit pretty much into 4 Ursacks and one Bear Vault, with a small bag for the few cans we bring.
Major Meal: All cooked on a fire (I live in a rain forest)
2 Tortellini, basil pesto sun dried tomatoes
2 Boxed Tofu w/rice,veggies and a marinade
2 Smoked Salmon w/ orzo or couscous
2 Tasty Bites w/ rice, w/ Bulgur
Also: Pine nuts, Cashews, raisens for couscous

Second Meal (Usually lunch - fast (30 minutes)
Block of Cheese, Tortillas, Retort Packaged Salmon
Dried Soup mix I prepare with vegies, Soy protein and Plantaforce concentrated soup base.
Kalamata Olive Tapanad, Sun Dried Tomatoes

Breakfast Cooked on a fire
Plain Instant Oatmeal w/brown sugar, GNC Soy protein drink, Bulk tea (we can bring a month of tea in the same space as a week of coffee, and not have to deal with filters and a cone)

Candy, Gorp, protein bars, etc for snacks.

week long menu
I find it simplest to plan each dinner for a grain, a protein, veggies, and a dessert, then mix and match. Breakfasts are usually oatmeal and some protein and coffee, while lunches are usually cheese, jerky or pepperoni sticks, M & Ms, gorp, etc.


Grains–I like instant couscous, polenta, bulgar–all of these cook in a few minutes, and they’re less dull than pasta. But a trip to any grocery store or food coop will show you hundreds of different compact, quick cooking grain choices.

Proteins–I choose proteins that don’t need refridgeration and don’t include cans. These have gotten much more common in the last few years. My favorites include:

Tuna packets

Salmon packets

Precooked microwave bacon–make sure you get the kind that doesn’t need to be refridgerated or cooked

Pepperoni and salami–most stores now carry the kind that doesn’t need to be kept cold until opened

Veggies–cabbage, carrots, onions, and potatos all keep fine without refridgeration. You can also find freezedried veggies, but they’re harder to find. Sundried tomatos are very useful, since they’re compact and keep forever

Instant soup, cocoa, cider, bullion–all great to have for quick warmth and energy on a cold evening while you’re setting up camp

Nuts, peanut butter, dried coconut, dried fruits, chocolate, dried instant pudding–all are very useful for any meal

Cheese will keep for a week, if you wrap it very well. Cheese sticks are easy to keep. Wedges of parmesan cheese and other dried cheeses keep the best.

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