Going home

Growing up in western Michigan one of our favorite paddling destinations was the Pine River, a fast river with some “rapids”. Once, I became an adult and a move away resulted in me not paddling the Pine in some 30 years.

Well, Monday, I had an opportunity to get on the Pine. I paddled from Dobson’s to Low Bridge and had a blast. It brought back a lot of good memories, with beautiful scenery, fast water, and the little rapids which required good boat control. Thanks to Pine River Paddlesports Center for having a solo canoe, so I could get out there and have some fun.

The Pine is nice
You reminded me how long it’s been since the last time I was over that way.

So what was the hull?

It was a Mohawk, but…
it didn’t have a model name. I think it may have been an Odyssey 14, but I didn’t have a tape measure, and it might have been shorter than that.