Going to look at a Tsunami 175, advice on discoloration...

Should I be concerned about hull discoloration? What things should I be looking for around the area that is discolored?

Looks to me like there are multiple spots with discoloration. Owner says kayak has only been used around 5 times and has been stored elevated and inside.

Also, what’s the easiest way to determine a kayaks model year?

@Timid_Pastrami said:
Also, what’s the easiest way to determine a kayaks model year?

Look at the stern, outside for a serial number. The last two digits are usually (always?) the year of manufacture.

Looks like it was stored outside. Over a long period of time the UV rays will deteriorate the polypropylene but that takes a long time. Most likely it’s just cosmetic. As with buying any used kayak, press on every inch of the boat looking for soft spots and cracks. If this kayak seems sound you may be able to revitalize the color with light sanding and oiling. Use the fade as leverage to lower the price.

The hatch is more UV vulnerable than the deck. Almost makes them feel mushy.

HIN on all boats since early 1970s. HULL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER last two numbers are year as stated above


Bought the boat. I’m not sure why the ad pictures seem to show orange coloring, same boat as the mounts are modifications owner installed, and there is no discoloration. Hatch covers Seem OK. Owner said he took the thigh pads out and now is not able to locate them. Not sure where to start in regards to buying replacements. I’m sure Google knows.

Amazon sell them.

Congrats on the new boat. Glad it was in good shape. Let us know how it paddles.

Manufacture should have them or Google as you said

I put the standard WS hip pad kits in a few boats. Super easy. Might need a rivet gun, but that’s $8 at Harbor Freight and a good investment.

Harmony Gear carries all the Wilderness Systems’ parts…