Going to Water Walker to see QCC and NC

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Am excited...was able to cash in some frequent flier miles and am going to Water Walker Sea kayaks in Maine. Will be there on May 6. Am renting a car for $14.00 and staying at the Hilton for $45.00...love the internet. Now, lets hope I find what I am looking for in these Kayaks.

What is your advice for a novice to do to best test the kayaks that are available for demo?

Other name
This dealer is also know as touringkayaks.

Trust what they say … these guys are
one of the best in the business and run things in an honest, cool hearted manner. They are in it for the love of paddling. Hope you can support them.

Bring Your Immersion Gear…

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the water is still cold... or "wicked cold" depending on what you are used to. A good demo of a boat's attributes may bring you and the boat to and over the edge.


Tell them what you want
I would chat with Ray about what you want and type of water you want to paddle in and I suspect he will find a way for you to see how the boats work in those conditions and for those tasks. Ray is a gentle person and low key, but he also did a day circumnavigation of the Great Waas Island in December solo.

If you are spending time in Maine and from far away, then you might want to visit MITA on Peaks Island in Portland. The owner, Tom Bergh is also a nice person who will be very straight about boats.

Water temps will be around 45F.

I am a real novice …
Never even thought about water temp. Thanks a lot. That explains why he asked if I would prefer to go to a lake to test…

I agree, the man I talked to over the phone was very personable and low key. I am really looking forward to this visit.

A good choice…
I don’t know Ray personally, but have dealt with him in the past. I also found him to be a great guy…a real pleasure to know.

Take a good drysuit or rent one while there if possible.

Enjoy (I am envious…)


Rent where?
Good idea on the dry suit. I will be flying in to Portland. Any suggestions on where I could rent a dry suit in that area?

MITA is the Maine Island Trail Association.

MIKCo is Maine Island Kayak Company on Peaks Island.


and yes, Tom Bergh is a great guy to talk Kayaks with.

Boat Trade
I did a swap/trade of a boat I had for a boat he had and it came out in my eyes as one of those fair deals with both sides meeting their needs.

re: renting
I would check in with Ray about that…he should be able to accomodate you…or refer you to someone.