Gone to the dark side.

Long time canoeist - just bought a kayak. Eeeeeeek! Ok, so it’s heavy, ugly (tie-dye color) and won’t ride on my canoe trailer without special foamy blocks taped to the rails. I also can’t paddle with my favorite buddy, my dog. However, it’s plastic, so I don’t have to fret when the stream is low. I can keep up with my wife in her kayak when the wind is strong. We’re going to take some classes, but I thought there must be some folks on here that have made the same transition late in life. Any suggestions, dos-don’ts?

welcome to the dark side!
I converted when the kneees rebelled. Paddling in a kneeling position was starting to hurt a lot.

I still miss the torque you can get with a single blade. The fact that you can get your chin out over the paddle grip to initiate an eddy turn is something I still really miss when I’m in a kayak.

However, I still have a good time even though kayaking has made me a bit lazier. We’ve got an expression, “it’s all good” so enjoy the ride.


What type of kayak?
I started canoeing as a kid but was over 40 before I ever sat in a kayak. Honestly, I don’t think there is that much to making the transition.

If you have a sit-in kayak, it would be a good idea to practice some wet exits in a safe environment, especially if you plan to paddle with a spray skirt. Depending on the circumstances in which you plan to paddle, learning to roll could be quite useful.

In a sit-inside decked boat your head and upper body can be at significant risk of injury following a shallow water capsize. Learn to tuck quickly to the front deck to avoid getting plastered against the back deck.

Some strokes are just a trifle harder to master with the double-bladed paddle (Duffeks for example) but there are far fewer strokes to learn.

I think you should be a middle…
of the roader (ponder), and use both at different times.

When I am paddling my kayak, I like that best, but when I am in my canoe, I like that best.

Jack L

canoe days over
As a Minnesota lad, I paddled the Boundary Waters many times between the mid 50’s and early 70’s. No permits were needed, no other people except my companions. We were clueless, not at all safety conscious, and ripe for natural selection e.g what’s a pfd? I loved it, but that disappeared with my youth.

Then many years not paddling, until I found kayaking in 2006. I’ve been an enthusiast ever since with trips to the Salish Sea and Vancouver Island’s Broken Group. Our local lake is also fun ~110 miles of shore with a max depth of 1174 feet … although I’ve never checked it out myself.

Dems gon’na have ta pry me single blade fro’ me cold, dead hands foyst! (didn’t ah’ hear’d dat somewaar befo’ ?


a paddlecraft is a paddlecraft
both have to obey the same laws of hydrodynamics.

You are just a swinger. Jack is a swinger. I am a swinger.

Its all good.

On my lake and on portages I love my canoe.

On the ocean I love my kayak

Sitting ok in canoe, single blade ok in

Many people only sit and don’t kneel in canoes. Foot braces can be installed.

I usually have a 46" bent shaft canoe paddle in my kayaks for a change of muscle group or skills employed.

I’m in a shade of grey.
I paddle both solo canoes and kayaks.

I also carry both canoe and kayak paddles regardless of which craft I’m in. Shorter single blade for kayak and longer double blade for solo canoe.

There is no dark side.

lower back exercises
stretching also legs.

the yak flies, canoe hauls.

trick is hauling with yak, flying in canoe.


DK has never seen a Shadow
from Placid or any Savage River canoe

Hes stuck in stereotypes

Dems “dems” is likely…

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Now there's a dark side fer ya!

No do’s, just don’t…
Actually just kidding. Enjoy the new kayak. I just hope I never have to make the transition.

Ok, but
How do I tell my wife that I am now a swinger?:open_mouth:. Also, I’m running out of boat room. 3 on my garage ceiling, 2 on the canoe trailer in the garage, 1 on the front porch. Hey wait a minute, there’s the back porch. Ok, anybody know where I can get a royalex Argosy?

when I find a Yellowstone Solo
my Argosy is going out the door

Yup- OC1 till death- even though I’m just about out of cartilage in my knees.

gone to the dark side
take the classes and if there are any symposiums in your area those are great as well. We usually do classes in the off season.