Good Advice, Bad Advice, Worst Advice?

I often read the SUP specialty articles on the Paddling.Com webpage and find some of them questionable.

The latest article on island hopping left me wondering if the author has actually done any island hopping trips on an ISup with a hammock, shade umbrella and sound system. :crazy_face:

Although the author touches on keeping an eye on the weather; a very important element was left out, that being wind. Because of wind issues I wouldn’t suggest anyone take a large entry level inflatable ISUP for long distance off-shore paddling.

The biggest issue with touring and SUP paddling is the patterns of wind, especially in summer months. Cool mornings usually have little wind, or mixed winds, sometimes with gentle offshores. Afternoons as the land heats up, winds tend to blow onshore, in some locations the afternoon winds can blow strongly offshore . The point is, what was an easy paddle in a calm morning out to islands can turn, in the afternoon or early evening, to high winds and rough wind waves and can be almost impossible for novice SUP paddlers to get back to shore. An recent example of this led to deaths on an easy coast of the Sea of Cortez, when a family’s first kayak trip got into trouble, not able to deal with the winds.

Islands are appealing, but make sure you have the proper experience, equipment and knowledge of the area before you attempt a long trip, and best to go with experienced locals or outfitters. (I would also leave the beach umbrella, hammock and sound system home.)


Relying on a cell phone for navigation and no mention of a marine VHF radio?

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A very common PCom member’s point of view:

Good advice - when I agree and it confirms my position.

Bad Advice - when I disagree with the other’s perspective.

Worse advice - when I disagree and the majority on the board tells me I am stubborn and a potential “Darwin awardee…”

PS. Advice to advise givers - DON’T. But if you must, give it and then just let it go (try hard!).

Advice to advice seekers - You asked for it. If you don’t like it, let it roll off like the drips coming off your paddle. No need to flail that paddle indignantly.



why is this flagged? I do not understand.

Someone other than the poster “flagged” it. I have never flagged anyone. IMO, unless something is outright hateful or violence promoting, it should just stand on its own for others to read (and judge).



I skimmed it and did not see anything controversial.

I take advice and file it in my "I could be wrong, they could be right’ mental file.:laughing:


It reads kind of like Chat GPT….


The NYT will start using it :stuck_out_tongue: