Good All Around SOT for women

I just purchased my 1st SOT this weekend which is a Prowler 13 angler. I am now asking for thoughts and suggestions for my wife a SOT. She is 5’11 tall and 124lbs. We are going to be doing alot of fishing (lake,river,pond,etc.), flat water paddling, some ocean paddling, rec paddling and possibly some overnight trips. I would greatly appreciate some testimonials and suggestions for my wife. A couple we have thrown around are the Tarpon 120 and The OK Scrambler XL Angler. She wants to stay around the 12 ft length range.

Thanks for the help.

You might try contacting …
Michele Sorensen at:

She advocates using SOTs for winter paddling.

Good luck.


If she wants a lighter boat she might check out the Huricane Pheonix 120. 12’x38 lbs

Our friend Maryanne is around 5’ and maybe 100#, and needs a crutch to walk when she’s not zipping around on her ‘electric grocery store scooter’.

She tossed and turned and flipped coins after trying out a bunch of boats to choose between an OK Scupper Pro TW and a Prowler 13.

The Prowler 13 won, and she’s pleased as punch with her choice. She’s a little thing, but can maneuver the P13 around just fine, and paddles just as fine in a straight line along with the rest of us, some in SINKS, when we’re not pushing it.

The Scrambler XT will be a steady and VERY stable boat, but it’s considerably slower than many others, including the S-Pro, the P13, and the WS 140, all of which I’d recommend -alomg with the new designs from Bic and Hurricane Aquasports, among others.

There’s nothing really magic about 12 feet long that 13 or 14 feet won’t match with a little bit of experience -and the longer boats are, generally, better in the -literally -long run.

I’m one of many who use a 14’-9" S-Pro TW for fishing; see my setup at;photo_height=-1;photo_width=-1

Good luck in your research and eventual choice. Hope you & your wife have many seasons of fun and fishing as you


-Frank in Miami

necky spike
at 12’8" and 48 lbs is a very versatile sot. my woman friend uses hers for fishing and i like to surf mine. i think they may be out of production but there are still some out there. the similar but bigger necky dolphin, 14’ is also a good boat

Thanks to all of you for your suggestion
We will start researching your recommendations and see what we come up with.


OK Mars
The Mars is 13’3" and weighs 49#.

It does have flat hull and doesn’t track all that well on flat water, but the flip side is that is is very manuverable.

Not enough storage for an overnighter, but the tankwell is real handy for day trips and fishing.

If you want to spend the $
The little Epic SOT looks like a heck of a boat.

OR The Current Designs Krestral
That Epic is one light little boat! It weighs les than 30#