Good buy? Or not so much?

So im a experienced canoer, but very novice kayker, and im looking at buying a used one off a classified site. I dont have much info, other than it has a 26x16 cockpit and its 13.5 feet long. Ill try and pist some pics. He says i can pick it up for 200 bucks. What do you guys think? Im mostly wanting it to use it for 2-5 night trips. Down rivers and lakes.

Well right off the bat it looks like a fixed rudder / skeg thingy, which could be problematic. Also there are no hatches for dry storage, which would make getting things into the stern a PITA.


Kayaks sell for differing amounts depending on location.

Here in Wyoming, the sport is post popular among sit-on-top kayakers and White Water kayakers, But I have been able to buy several touring kayaks for a lower price then I see them listed on the coast state because the demand is a lot less for them in the Rockys.
The reason I post that is that around here, getting used WW kayaks (like that one) is pretty common and the price is often $150 and less. So I can’t say for sure because I don’t know where you are, but I can get used WW boats from 9 to 12 feet for less, and most times they come with a skirt too. many times they also come with a paddle.
Does that mean his price is too high?
I have no idea!

But depending on where you buy I think you may do better.

That doesn’t look like what you are looking for but I’ve never seen anything like it.

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The add on skeg indicates that it probably has terrible tracking. It looks kind of similar to the old Perception Dancer (it’s not a Dancer, though), so the reviews of that might give you some indication of how this would paddle. And a 26" cockpit is probably too short to get into without having to slide in straight-legged from the deck. Not a beginner maneuver.

Also, if you zoom in on the photo, it looks like the plastic trim around the cockpit rim has been chewed by critters.

If it were me, I’d skip this one.

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Thank for the help guys.


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That is an R5 that is made my Dimenion . It is an entry general purpose boat. You could run up to class 3 whitewater but kayak is ok for getting out on lakes also. Can usually pick one up used for about $300- $400 canadain. Thy re good if used to the designed uses. I used to have one back in 1980’s.

The skeg is removeable

Thats steevy. Sounds likenyou know what you are talking about in this one. Is it worth it? Or should it stay there?

Really? Without a sprayskirt? Does anyone make a spray skirt for a boat over 40 years old?

For just a bit more you can do better.

Where did you get the idea that this particular boat is 40 years old? I was referring to my boat that I owned. I was just informing that this model has been in production for several years. Sometimes I regret selling it. It was a good all purpose boat and pretty durable. Yes you can get skirts to fit this model.

Shelton, this model has interior molded stiffeners the run down the length of the boat to provide floatation and to stiffen the hull and deck. In order to pack your gear you would have to pack it on either side of the bracing. If you could manage that it would be OK for short tripping. Without the skeg the boat does not track well, and handles like a typical whitewater kayak. The skeg installed via bungie, the boat tracks better. I never used the skeg and just learned how to control my direction using proper strokes.

For a first time kayaker, that cockpit is too short, try to find an Old Towm 138 Loon, or equal.

I’m not advocating to buy or not buy but this opinion of the cockpit being too small for a 1st timer is not helpful. This model was where this 1st timer learned to paddle. I had no problem getting in or out. The height of the deck gives more room and If you knew how use a paddle assist when the need arouse ( most of the time) it made entry/exit easy to do. There are several established paddlers here the love sea kayaks with an ocean cockpit.(small). If you have flexibility issues or are very long limbed , then a longer cockpit would be preferred. It is always best to do a test paddle!

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They can if you give them a pattern.