Good BW Solo Trip For May

I’m thinking May would be a great time to hit the BW, before the skeeters get too full of themselves. Anyone have a suggestion for a small water loop that won’t be crowded and offers some good wildlife opportunity? Thanks.

A Couple Gunflint Trail Options
Starting at Poplar head south through Lizz, Caribou, Horseshoe. From there head into Vista and Misquah or head east or west into long, narrow lakes. If you go east into Omega, it’s one of my favorites. Boreal forest area, so not as pretty in fall, but more shelter with the balsam, spruce, jackpine forest. Northerns good and walleye fair, good in spots. If interested, e-mail me and I’ll give you specifics.

Ram lake, trip starts with a portage of about 100 rods or so. Just south of the area I just told you about. Portage in. Good moosey area.

Ely side there’s a short trip into Hegman Lakes. also starts with a portage, but shorter. Pretty nice pictographs there.

Miss my friend Duluthmoose, he could always come up with even more ideas! WW

Lots of options
You won’t run into any crowds in May just after ice-out. The closer you get to Memorial Day weekend, the more people you’ll see. But May is slow up this way.

The Frost River would be a great option that time of year.

Frost is Nice
We did the Frost last September. More people and less water than ideal. The beaver dams were a pain, but I’d take beavers to crowds any time.

Best Campsites - Winchell Lake - BW
I’m thinking of doing a loop that will take me through Winchell Lake for a couple days fishing. Anyone know about the campsites there?

good site on Winchell
on the north shore just east of the portage from Ogema (sp? I don’t have my info with me). Sloping granite facing west. Nice level camping pad. If you’re doing the loop out of Sawbill there is a great camp site at the eastern end of Long Island Lake that sits high with a granite cliff facing west. A slight climb to get up but beautiful when you’re there. Frank

here too
try this site…its the BWCA message forum…all BWCA info and routes

2nd That Campsite
Yes, it is Omega, which I mentioned earlier. Omega is a nice little lake too. Heading out of Omega, into Henson, I believe it is marshy and “Moosy,” or used to be. About all the campsites on Winchell are up that right shoreline. WW