good camera for kayaking

opps i mean for video

Kodak has a waterproof HD camera out that is pretty slick… Also, I bought a HD Gopro camera that I mount right to my boat… check it out…

kodak playsport
My friends have them so I bought one. It is good so far. I’m just learning to use it. It is much harder to edit video than to take it but often I just grab pictures from the video and share them.

virtual dub
is what i use to edit video its kinda confuseing but its free and powerfull

wow that youtube
is so clear

$100 waterproof video

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gopro 3. Great for when you don't want to worry about messing up a more expensive camera. I shot this is some 2-3 ft surf last year.

another clear video
man cams have cam a long way both cams above look so clear