good campin' in N. Wis.?

I’m looking for a recommendation on a good (quiet, secluded, perfect, cheap, you know…) campground/sites in N Wisconsin. Going to day-trip along south shore of Superior. Thanks for any help!

Washburn - more secluded,cheaper etc…

near the City of Superior
is the state park of Amicon Falls- pretty, not real far from the big lake and state parks are usually the best price. Toward the east side of Wisconsin is Copper Falls , farther away from Lake Superior but also very pretty.

Brule River
Brule River State Forest Campground is a nice little campground a couple miles south of US2 from Brule, Wisconsin. Located on the (Boise) Brule and you should plan on doing some paddling on the river.

Northern Wisconsin campgrounds…
I’ve stayed in the Washburn County Park which is on your right as you drive out of Washburn…Birch Grove east of Washburn is very nice…where are you planning to kayak off of Wisconsin?