Good coffee

I like dark, strong coffee that isn’t bitter or acidic.

Joe’s Dark comes close.

Recommendation please.

I am with ya. I do not like coffee that is acidic or fruity. In general, I find the coffees from Africa and South America are fruity (and acidic). Coffees from Central America, Costa Rica and especially Guatemala are more “earthy” with chocolate, vanilla, and caramel flavors. I like Starbucks Guatemala Antigua a lot. Also, their Cafe Verona is very chocolaty and smooth. Peet’s Guatemala San Sebastian is really good but hard to find.

One other thing, I find that the brewing method makes a huge difference with the final taste. In general, using a paper filter cuts way down on acidity. So French press is out. And don’t use a metal mesh reusable filter with a drip machine, use paper filters.

Buy Whatever Premium Dark On Sale
For a reduced price and go make toddy coffee.

I’ll try that Antigua. My favorite ever
Starbucks Kitamu, but they don’t have it anymore.

Eight O’clock "Columbian Peaks"
Beans; Then grind it like talcum powder fresh each morning.

Jack L

+1 8oclock
I blend in about 20% of their Caramel Macchiato to any std flavor.

Half a cup of Bailey’s and
Whatever they got at the gas station gets me through the morning drive.

My suggestion…
…Cafe Bustelo, como ninguno otra.

camping coffee
If your camping and don’t want to pack out coffee grounds, the best I have found is Christofer bean liquid concentrate.


It’s hard to go wrong with Sumatra coffee - smooth, rich earthy flavor, with complexity varying with quality, but never bitter. There is no sugar in it, but some can have chocolate notes and/or perceived sweetness.

Trade Joe’s Organic Sumatra is a good example, but I have actually never had a Sumatran coffee that was bad, they seem to range from good to great.

Home roaster
Get a home roaster and buy your coffee green.


You’ll never want store bought coffee again.

+1 on the Bustelo
It’s what I drink every morning–very good and inexpensive. As far as bitterness is concerned, whenever you have that problem, just put a pinch of salt in your coffee. Works like a charm.

For freshness,
my favorite is always Peet’s Major Dickensons as I’m close to where they roast and always fresh. They are one of the few roasters who put the date of roasting on their bags and I can usually get within 10 days of roasting. Bought 2 lbs of beans recently at Costo for $9.97…nice! Another good coffee is Peerless as their espresso roast is always dark and sweet. Most of the time I do a pour over of 1-2 cups. Other times, a French press delivers excellent flavors.

We’ve had a Cuisinart coffeemaker
5 years & still going strong, similar to the Keurig with the exception the reservoir hold 80 ounces instead of 48 and I prefer a fine, fresh ground Columbian. It get a thorough cleaning with vinegar every 4 weeks as we have a bit of lime in our well water.

The Cuisinart is also favored, by us, over our Keurig we carry in the camper but it works for the space it takes up.

I recently had occasion to purchase a new Cuisinart and found this large model was being discontinued so I got online, bought one for our son and DIL as a 25yr anniversary gift, and a spare for us.

Sometimes I wonder why, when something has good reviews why would you discontinue it?

There have been some negative reviews about our machine, but folks–you MUST clean your small kitchen appliances right along with the large ones you use and as one who works in a local second hand mission store, I can tell you that we get a lot of really, really NASTY, DIRTY items that folks donate (or use the store as their ‘dump’ to save $$ or trip to landfill). I get to clean a lot of these items and that is usually the only thing wrong with them. Oh well, maybe they have money to throw away. I will say that some are donated when a person dies or goes to live with family or nursing home.

I got some Bustelo. On my 3rd cup and
it is growing on me.

thank you for that tip

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Time for a trip to CostCo.

+2 on bustelo
drank it every day as a kid and now every day as a grown up.

Also, i use egg shells in my french press. cuts down on the acidity and makes it velvety smooth.

Freshly roasted
That’s a good tip. “Freshly Ground” is pure marketing BS and doesn’t mean much at all. If you don’t want to roast at home then find a local roaster and buy freshly roasted beans from them.

If you like strong but not bitter coffee look for a “City” roast or not much more. The lighter roasts also preserve the flavour of the coffee much better and you’ll be able to distinguish the differences in the geographic variations.

we like same flavor coffee
I love ‘Kicking Horse’! I get it off Amazon. It has super high reviews. I absolutely love it!