good day to stay home

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like to catch this stretch of river around 2000 cfs

today it was a bit higher

beat the old record for this day by 39,000 cfs!

wet n
reports are seeing beaver float down

Record Flows
Just as with other weather phenomena, beating the record “for this day” often doesn’t mean much, though I can’t speak to whether that’s true at this location. It looks like they’ve been recording peak flow at that location since 1932, which when you think about it, isn’t at all likely to provide very many chances to compare really severe rain events for any individual calendar day. Season-inclusive comparisons provide a lot more opportunity for comparison, and usually put these events in truer perspective. Still, a 20-foot rise would be a lot, most places.

one thing I’m sure of-

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it would mean a lot to you if you were to actually get on the river while it was that blown out- typical run is around 2,000 cfs, I like going from 1600 to 2400 cfs. You try it 58000 cfs and tell me if it makes a lasting lifetime impression. That's almost 30x the amount I normally run at. "Epic" is the word that comes to mind.

National weather service words:

Flood Warning
Greenbrier Co, WV
At 3:28 AM EDT, historic and very serious flooding was still ongoing across much of Greenbrier County ... Some locations that will experience flooding include: Alleghany ...

currently the river is only 10 feet above floodstage- should start dropping out soon

No doubt
All I was suggesting is that this is probably something that has happened before, even if it’s never happened on that particular calendar day.

USGS recommend

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data summary in text but when kicked:

as reported in the text.

and Streamstats ?

I chose to experience Agnes...the mtn/valley flush went thru my backyard taking: one dog, one dog owner, and the police chief with it into a long bridge culvert.

4 or 5 feet over the usual maximum is tearing down the hill with beaver and garage.

I follow NWS/NOAA's stream map. Occasional steep gauge rises are not uncommon. The use of the word 'historic' is highly unusual. Time get down to the bridge watch trailers n gravemarkers come thru.


afternoon rain here...checking News we see WVA has flood damage.

On the description 'historic', PA floods esp 1936 and Agnes swept away 19th then 19.5 Century infrastructure. Agnes removed or damaged RR infrastucture. I assume 1936 damaged the Erie Canal system. Both beyond repair.

Thus 'historic'

sure are a lotta
video camera in WVA

the burning house and other follies…

the last time it went bigger

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I wasn't around (1932)- looks like the gauge topped out at 60,000 cfs yesterday that is 5,000 cfs short of the record

from usgs:
EXTREMES OUTSIDE PERIOD OF RECORD.--Flood of July 4, 1932 is estimated as 65,000 ft3/s and flood of July 19, 1954,
is estimated as 55,000 ft3/s on the basis of discharge-area comparison with Gauley River at Camden on Gauley (03187000)
and Gauley River near Summersville (03189500).

nephew came and borrowed raft (he's a firefighter) wife had us go buy supplies for closest shelter

and then I went and boated on a local creek- nice 5 mph current- did a stretch that had the ww way dialed back because the creek was movin' on

Good day

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To visit Little Rock

I was down there maybe twice for gas....winding down winding down..

n when down there finding the village recovering from a flood.

I always stay home
I need to get out before my boats forget that they were made for water!