Good deal on a used Feathercraft tandem folding kayak ($850)

I just saw this on my local (Pittsburgh) Craigslist – a Feathercraft tandem folding kayak complete in functional condition for $850. That is less than half what they usually go for and far less than the original cost of over $5000. Arguably the best performing folding double ever produced and no longer available since FC closed the business a few years ago, I have owned 3 Feathercrafts including the solo version of this one.

Great boat for travel – bags can be checked as airline luggage or it can be easily stashed in an RV storage cubby. I live near the seller and would be willing to check it out in person if somebody outside of SW Pennsylvania was interested. You could get it shipped in a couple of boxes to most places for under $150, still a good deal for such a competent open water touring boat. 20’ long, 33" wide and 87 pounds.

Set up time for one of these is about 45 minutes (with practice) to an hour for one person, a little less for two (who are good at working together). Can be left set up for the season and car topped or trailered.

I emailed the seller and suggested they post it on here and Hope it was OK to post the information on this here. I doubt there will be a lot of potential buyers in this immediate area.