Good deal on Garmin GPS ?

Found a Used (June 2009) Garmin 60CSx for $250. Seller says it has very little use, has topo, water ways and roads already loaded. Don’t know if they are garmin maps. Haven’t checked it out yet in person. He is about 1 1/2 hours away. It will be used for kayaking and ATV use. This will be my first GPS unit. I have been checking different units, maps and prices. Sound like a good deal?

Maybe a decent price.

A new Garmin 60CSx on Amazon or similar can be found for just under $300. So this unit isn’t that much of a discount off of that.

But, the maps cost a lot to add to Garmin. Usually $100 a set. And when you order the waterways, you get one region (I think the one I have does CA and Baja - if I wanted Seattle, I’d have to spend another $100). Similar for Topo. So if it has the waterways and topo for areas you would use, then that could make this a bit of a bargain. But if not for your areas, then you’d have to drop some money to get the right maps.

Note - there are some free sites to add topo maps to these units. Never found the waterways free.

The Garmin GPS Map60Csx is
waterproof rated at IPX7. This is a European spec standard which states that the unit can withstand immersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Be advised however that the unit DOES NOT FLOAT. Secure it to a deck bungee and you should have no worries. I’ve had mine for several years (loaded with topo maps) and take it on almost every kayak adventure. It seen a fair amount of splash and taken a few dunkings with no adverse effect. Even when I’m on familiar waters, I like to use the unit to monitor my speed, distance traveled etc.

On mine, condensation builds up under the display when the GPS is just carried on the deck of the kayak. It may withstand immersion but I wouldn’t count on it.

not waterproof
Last summer my 60csx died after a 20 minute dunking. It fell out in a creek and I had to go back and look for it after I realized it was gone. The unit was out of warranty. The best I could do was a refurbished unit for $130 CND.

I was pleased to be able to pick up the refurbished unit at a garmin dealer and not have to wait for it in the mail.

I always keep it in a waterproof case now!

I got mine for $150
used with the marine charts for all of the FL coastal areas which add a great deal of value to the purchase. It’s a nice GPS but $250 for a used one? Shop around to see if you can get a better deal after the holiday’s. I’ve seen them new just by doing a quick search for that price range.

Has Garmin maps
The seller has about $320 (garmin retail) in garmin maps. Topo, waterways and roads. Best price new I found was at Amazon for about $288 unit only just base map that comes with unit.

Here’s a brand new one for less

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How about on of these?
For today only:

Bushnell ONIX 200 GPS System with TruView Navigation


  • $5 shipping

    Condition: New

If you are getting the maps pre-loaded but not getting the actual discs with the maps on them it’s really not a good deal.

With maps
With maps it’s a very good deal, but you will want the discs for the mapping software. It doesn’t do you any good if he loaded topo, road and waterway maps for the midwest and you are on the east coast.

Nor will it do you any good if you travel frequently to a part of the country that he didn’t load the maps for.