Good deal on this used canoe?

I’ve decided on a canoe. I found a 2005 Old Town Discovery 158 that looks great locally with 2 paddles and a dry box. He’s asking $575… is that a good price on 6 year old canoe?

Not really

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I'd be looking to spend no more than $350-$400 on a 158, tops. I doubt the paddles are anything much. And the box ... probably the same one you get at Walmart for $9.

Plus, it's end of season.

I’ll see if I can talk him down.

Take what you are willing to spend
in cash. Best ‘talker’ known to man.

With molded seats
You can’t turn the boat around and set on the Fwd seat to paddle solo.

molded seats make it less comfortable
… to turn the boat around. I don’t think they’re a “feature”

Consider royalex
I think you can find old royalex boats for that kind of money - 400 to 600 - and in my opinion you will be a lot happier.

it weighs 80 pounds.

Offer him $300 and if he turns you down, consider yourself lucky.

I had a older one listed on P-net for $350 figuring I would take any reasonable offer, and it just didn’t sell. I still have it.

—But with all that said, we had a lot of fun for many years in that boat, and this old man can still portage it -if I really want to!

Jack L

Nothing wrong with Discoveries per se
But they are certainly heavier than Royalex boats of similar size, and perhaps somewhat more prone to oil-canning. On the upside, I think they are somewhat more abrasion-resistant than Royalex.

As others have suggested, the asking price isn’t quite highway robbery but it is no great deal either.