Good deal or not- your thoughts??

I would use it on Ozark streams with gravel bottoms- I can’t seem to find much info on this brand. What do you guys think?

Buy it IF
on close inspection of the rails, they are not split or the hull is not cracked near them. I believe the boat is royalex and sometimes when stored in outdoor temps the hull and rails will expand/contract to cause damage if the screws in the rails are not loosened slightly over the winter.

If you don’t see any damage there, and the hull itself doesn’t have any deep gouges or very intense creases, it’s a really nice boat for a great price.

It’s a steal if it is in good shape

One of the best Maine Guide teams
leading trips on the continent used to supply Royalex Reflection 15s to customers paddling solo on their trips. I was along on a San Juan trip, and the guys paddling Reflection 15s seemed quite satisfied with them. Not “fast” but fast enough for cruising the Ozarks. Much more sophisticated design than the pokey Legend.

Sounds Like a Steal
If you buy it and don’t like it, I’ll pay you $350 for it. Daggers were well made (had one many years ago) and that particular model is an excellent big guy solo, or day tripper on the river. WW

Well, You Gonna Go For It?
If not, I’ll e-mail the guy myself. Wish KC weren’t so doggone far! WW


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I'm headed there today to look at it and probably pick it up as long as it's not a junker. I thought it seemed like a steal and I've been wanting a new canoe- geez, it's like and early Christmas!!!

Thanks for your help!