Good Deals on REI Paddling Gear?

Hi All!

REI is running a sale that includes paddling gear–pfds, dry bags etc. One item is Seattle Sports Basic plus Safety Kit that includes pump, paddle float, sponge, and a couple of other items. With the discount, the kit comes to $35.53. Is this good equipment and a good deal?

REI sucks
Maybe the REI stores are better where you live but the one near me is a friggin joke. the store in Missoula barely has anything and what they do have is overpriced. I’ve only been to two REI stores and in both cases the sales people were snotty.

heck of a deal
so far REI is the only place I"ve found heavy mesh bags for dirt cheap.

I love REI
One of the few shopping experiences I actually enjoy. They don’t usually have a lot of paddling gear at the stores, but the camping and biking goodies…and clothes and shoes…always make for a good day browsing. Seems to me they carry alot of the same brands as other paddling/camping stores carry, so I assume quality is similar. I haven’t had any problems with their gear, and they do have that generous return policy…


Decent enough BUT…

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That's a decent enough deal but why don't you use one of the many Paddling Perks partners that supports the site? Outdoorplay, Kenco and several others should all stock comparable equipment (at comparable prices), you can save a few more bucks by using a Paddling Perks discount (if you are enrolled) and you can let them know you appreciate their support of this site we all get so much out of.

To be fair, if REI has any ads here I don't recall ever seeing them. If so, I withdraw my statements from above with apologies.

Full retail

The business model is to pretty much sell everything at full retail price.

Coop members get a 10% dividend on purchases, so there is effectively a bit of a discount.

The return policy is also incredibly liberal from all accounts.

to the OP:

The retail price of individual components in the kit does add up to more than their outlet pricing. I bought one and can’t say there is any issue with the quality. Every last bit of it, other than the whistle, is imported from China.

With the discount on top of the outlet price, it’s a decent deal for just the pump & paddle float, fwiw.