Good Dog Boats

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Anyone used a Good Dog Boat?

At 60 lb they are ~ the weight of a solo rotomold kayak.

With less glass, more Kev, foam core, etc, it seems they could be made at ~40 lbs and more easily cartopped.

Nice boat
I’m always interested in a good fishing boat. That one looks pretty nice. Set up as a rowing rig it looks awesome for small trout ponds and lakes, though pretty heavy to portage into remote ponds… I prefer a v-hull over the pram type hulls commonly used for fly fishing. Sixty pounds isn’t so bad for a boat like that and lighter than a Spring Creek Pram, 40 would be better. My 12’ aluminum v-hull comes in at about 100, but that gets pushed around with an outboard and pulled with oars while trolling. Thanks for the heads up on these boats.

Construction and trim

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I'm a fly fisher who wades, and I kneel in a FlashFire when I fish from a boat, so I'm on thin ice here.

It seems to me that a trolling fisher will want to row so he's facing the lure, and that any stern seat must swivel, so an electric trolling motor can be operated facing either direction.

It also seems that front pedestals with foot controls of that trolling motor are a little over the top for tote fishing.

So; a twin seated foam cored, infused hull with CobraSox rails; portage yoke pining into the oarlocks, should come in under 40 lbs and $3500.

I doubt it'd sell.

I don’t see you in one Charlie.
You strike me more as an Adirondak Guide Boat sort.


Now Jim
You must be able to imagine how I feel about running backwards blindly with my vision firmly fixed on what has already been passed.

AT my size, 5’9" 165, lbs you’ll probably always find me kneeling in a 13 ft Flash, looking at what comes next with a single straight paddle.


5 seat locations?
You must have to have 5 sets of seats. Unless I’m missing something.

5 seats?
A good Dog type fishing boat could do quite well with two seats - the front rigged to swivel and lock.

Flash does fine with one, slung with the front seat rail about 4.5in aft of center.

What are the other two for?

I think…
I think they are just displaying the possible locations. But you’d need to keep 5 different seats because the boat isn’t a constant width and each seat would be good for 1, MAYBE 2 locations.

Stock one seat; develop a jig to trim the legs to fit any of the five position?

adjustable seat
that would be pretty slick. I’ve seen some fiberglass row boats with a liner that created parallel interior rails for sliding seat adjustment. Kinda like some canoes. I think the monarchs had something like that.

A possible solution Charlie
You as the “sport” and an attractive woman guide.


OhOh. I’ve just created another personal fantasy…

Good Dog Boats
Can someone direct me where to contact Good Dog Boats if I wish to buy one? Thanks.