Good evening trolling for white perch

I went to a local lake today with a new trolling setup, using a ramball electronics mount and two rod holders mounted on it with a piece of 3" flat aluminum. The setup works great. I put in at 3:00 and by 5:30 had 21 fish in the cooler–3 largemouth bass and 19 white perch. It was a blast seeing the bass hit the ultralight while I paddled along.

You’re a dog!

Good job and congrats! I’m jealous.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to catch sacalait (oops… I mean crappie or white perch) with regularity. Best freshwater fish we have IMO.

What baits? How deep? Other tips?

crappie kayaking
I’ve found that its easy to get close to crappie in a kayak, especially when they are located in deep water suspended on the edge of weedbeds. Get right next to the weed edge, and pitch a small tube jig into the water freefalling. Watch the line and the jig as it falls. If the line hesitates or jumps, set the hook easily. A lot of times looking down at where the jig is you’ll see a flash as the crappie inhales the jig, set again. Crappie are loads of fun, willing biters, and the way they school up guarantees action. Trolling will be the next frontier :slight_smile:

Kayak Trolling
I attached a couple of tube type rod holders on the back of my kayak seat and trolled a jig under a float on my last fishing trip. It worked great. My fishing partner and I caught 12 fish total in a creek we had never fished before. I caught one small crappie the rest were white bass. It’s definitely a great way to locate fish in a new area.