good fising weather

this last weekend, esp sunday… so give up the stories boys and girls :wink: I went to this lake/large pond, bunch of people out there for moms day. A little girl, maybe 7 or 8 was out there with here dad, caught a 2 lb kentucky when I was unloading the boat, was cool, man was she excited. I spent about 4 hrs out there, caught about 20 bass while the shore boys looked on enviously, didn’t see them catch crap which suits me cause they where all looking at me like I was crazy bringin my canoe out on this “lake” only by name… nothing over 2 maybe 2 1/2 lbs, but a blast. Did see some monster, and i mean monster catfish like they where sun bathing at the top of the water, got with in about 5 feet maybe 7 of them and the took off man, i mean really took off, but they kept comeing back to that same spot… next time up there i will bring some chix livers :wink:

Still haven’t got out
Rivers have come down to sane levels where it is possible to get a lure or fly to the bottom where the fish are. I have something Saturday AM, but perhaps the evening will involve a float. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping.

  • Big D

good luck, sucks you haven’t got out and wetted the line yet. My fishing so far this year has been so good I don’t even know what to think about it, only hope it keeps up that way.