Good fog

This is what it looks like when you get a bunch of snow followed by a warm up (mid 40’s). It’s a good feeling to know that put-ins are trying to open up.

You have a launch site in a vinery?

@Rookie said:
You have a launch site in a vinery?
No. But if you go through the vineyard and hang a right at the soybean field and then walk through another soybean field you may find a launch site that looks like the pic below in better weather. But you have to be friends with the farmer that owns the land. Come on down and I’ll show you.

I love the fog.

I like the blue sky and autumn leaves better. :wink:

fog just ain’t what it used to be

gps has taken the ‘guess work’ (careful compass heading) out of long (or even short) crossings, or just traveling more than a few feet off shore.

there is still the risk of ‘others’ being out there however (crossing shipping lanes, motorboats travelling fast and you may not hear them quickly enough, etc.)

There amongst the weathered vine,
down road of frosted mist,
I venture mind to warmer time,
when fruit hung with dew’s kiss,

to when I trod on earth and grass,
not track of hound in snow,
gathering autumn’s golden glory,
that framed my river’s flow.

Fog hit the beach last night. One moment is was sun set and waves.

The next 10 degrees cooler and…

Cloaked Elegy

The foghorn blows
a veiled detection
waves brush on sand
sea’s rhythm section

hush falls across
vastness so loud
plays into cloud