Good food to take on trips?

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Just add pemmican and you are all set.

I’m on the way to Cracker Barrel. I love their biscuits with jelly. And I want to keep my teeth.

If you were lucky, the ships biscuits also came with weevils for extra protein. Add a mug of stale ale and you got, instant chum.

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when I go out with friend and/or my wife we sometimes plan meals and cook steaks on the grill along with all kinds of goodies, but such luxurious meals take space and add weight to have the camp “kitchen” available when we land.
For myself I mostly revert to my USMC days of packing “C Rations” In my days as a Marine we were issued the old green canned “Cs” and dealt with it. The pet names given to them gave an idea of what was thought of them as a staple, after eating nothing but C Rations for weeks and months on end. However, today I buy my ‘rations’ at the store and take along chunky soups, canned fruit, chili, Corned beef hash, and any number of things that are either eaten right from the can or heated up in my small folding pan.
Canned food needs no hydration, is water proof, takes little space and when empty the cans are washed and scrubbed out then flattened to take even less space, and simply packed out for disposal at home . Meal "planning’ is simply walking down the canned food isles at the store and getting those things that sound like they would be good. I carry water and sometimes soda along. A few energy bars and I am all set from day trips all the way to 10 day long trips. Some trips require me to pack all the water I’ll need for the whole time, but others are to places where fresh water (or water easy to filter) are available, so drinking water gets more concern from me then food does.
In short, (when going solo ) for ease I seldom take anything I would have to concern myself over if it got wet. Things I be sure to keep dry are medicines, radio and/or cell phone, toilet paper, my sleeping bag, some energy bars and camp clothing, All these get placed in either dry boxes or dry bags. The rest of the things I take, ---- well… I don’t concern myself over much as far as keeping them dry.
One thing I learned a while ago is to use a water proof shop marker and label the cans on their tops. A few days of wet conditions makes the labels fall off. So knowing what’s in which can is nice.

Still being marketed under a new name


I remember Milk Bones being sort of tasty when I was a kid. I shared with my dog, or vice versa.


Boat trips require no specialized food. I eat pretty much what I eat at home.

I recall a story told by my soils professor in grad school, an Italian from Tuscany. His field work on soil genesis often took him to the Arctic. He was working near a glacial with a German that spoke little English. They were socked in by bad weather and could not get plane ride out. They hiked down the glacier to the salt water and found a little building from built in 1908 during an Admunson expedition. They holed up there for three days waiting for the weather. Inside they found some food from 1912 including some pilot biscuits or ships biscuits. They were hard as a rock but still edible.

come for dinner one night

I’ll even give you water, Poland Springs.

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Got beer?

My Dad went to grad school with a guy that was always up to something. He served small dog biscuits at cocktail parties with cheesewhiz on them.

I spent little time in the field after basic so had only a passing acquaintance with C rats. I remember that ham and eggs were not good. Maybe it was the green eggs.

Yup, Green Eggs and Ham. Just like Dr Seuss wrote about, but what was odd is the fact that “Ham and Eggs” was a shade of green and was actually one of the best tasting C-Rats of them all.

You just had to close your eyes.

It’s been 50 years and a few details have faded.
Fall is making me feel my age, which I’ve been successful at ignoring most of the time.

just beer nuts. :laughing: