Good Friday Surf Session

Nice way to start the long Patriots Day weekend. 3’ waves @8/9 seconds (wind swells) rolling in against a light diagonal offshore wind. Would have been good with the longboat… But given that I got kicked off the public break by Ranger Rick the last two times, stating that kayaks are prohibited, I went back with the waveski.

Did a pleasant two hour session with sunny skies and warm air temp at near 70 degree. Still had to wear mitts tho’ because water temp was still around 43 degree. Still, i gladly took it.

No more waves after today. Inland trout streams have just broke 50 degree. Time for the first flyfishing excursion of 2022! :slight_smile:




Kayaks prohibited? For surfing or any paddling? Where was Ranger Rick in January?

Ranger Rick kicked me out last month, on a week day, right after a storm, when i was the only person at the break…

I searched Dept of Conservation and Recreation for the regulations. No such explicit prohibition. But I wasnt going to win an argument…


Too bad you cannot catch him sometime (without your kayak would probably be best) to have a better explanation.

I went through that here for a few years, one of the reasons I sold my Aquarius surf kayak, and mostly waveski or SUP now. I think the pandemic crowds might be responsible for Ranger Rick’s attitude if it’s like here, where EVERYBODY went out and bought a kayak and then headed for the beach.

Only had one run-in with a DEM Ranger (or Environmental Police as the law enforcement unit is called in RI) in all the years I have been paddling.

DEM stops by for a PFD check

We were doing an overnight trip at a DEM paddle-in campsite. The office made everyone in the group show their PFD. She then gave us a hard time about overnight parking in the lot listed in the DEM website as the site for parking if you are using the campsites - we had to pull it up on a phone to show her.

Sometimes you can win the argument, but not often :wink:

Dialogue is better than confrontation. If you believe you are allowed to enjoy your surf session , just like, I like following them: I’d ask that Ranger to show you the regulations he is stating that he his applying , to prohibit your activity. It could be as simple as he is or you are mis-interpeting the regulation. If you believe you still have the right , I would then let him know that you would like to speak to his superior to get it sorted out. Good Luck!