Good Ideas that didn't work..

The thread below about the kayaker who bought a fixer-upper boat in hopes her husband would join her on the water got me thinking. Who else out there has spent significant money on gear in a failed effort that their S/O would join you in your sport? I have a beautiful tandem bicycle I purchased new in 2002 that might have 200 miles on it. I thought it the perfect solution for a spouse who wouldn’t ride because I “rode too fast” or “too far.” There is sits in my basement covered in plastic. In a few weaker moments I’ve thought about a first-rate tandem kayak but when I do I just go downstairs and look at the bike and the feeling passes.

oh hell yeah.
Now when I buy stuff for her I make sure it is stuff I know I will like! :slight_smile:

Make sure
Make sure your future S/O is a paddler early on. By the third date, take a paddle trip. If they like paddling, it’s okay to keep them around. Forget how great the sex might be, if they don’t paddle, throw them back. It’s been working for me for 24 years.

Buying stuff for your significant other to get them into your sport can be a sophisticated way of getting more stuff for yourself.

Bought my wife a really nice Avocet a few years back. Also got her a nice cyclocross bike.

I loved using both of them. She never used either.

Other great ideas that didn’t work…communism and socialized medical care.


The Wind
If you live in a part of the country where the wind rarely blows— then looking at pretty magazine pictures of other paddlers being propelled across wide expanses of water by a beautiful, colorful sail --set on a conveniently steady strong wind—is simply too enchanting to resist.

I can vouch that buying such a sail does NOT make wind suddenly appear in areas where it hasn’t blown during the past hundred years.