Good instructors in OR?

I’ll be in Portland and Corvallis in August, and would like to squeeze in some paddling. What’s notable or challenging in that area, and do you have a favorite coach that you’d recommend? I’m a BCU 4 star, if that helps you make appropriate suggestions.

Thanks, Nate

Paul Kuthe
Here you go:

I forgot that’s where Paul Kuthe works. Thanks for the suggestion Suz.


Steve Scherrer aka Flatpick
Works for Wilderness Systems, I don’t know if Steve still does instruction but he would certainly know who to send you to. I don’t notice him posting here anymore but I know he is on FB.

Across the mighty Columbia

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and down the road a bit is Ginni Callahans place. We rented some boats from her for a day paddle.
And I have always wanted to meet this guy.... he seems VERY interesting