Good Kayak shop in the Chicagoland area?

I’m in the western suburbs (near Aurora), but I’d travel anywhere in the Chicagoland area to find a good Kayak shop. I’ve seen Kayaks at Gander Mountain, but the people there weren’t very helpful (and if I remember right, the selection was almost all Old Town).

Anyway, any suggestions for a place to shop? I’d like to take a look at a few Kayaks before I buy one, and I’d even enjoy buying one local if it was reasonably priced.

Right near you in Geneva

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on Roosevelt Rd. and Rte. 25 is Geneva Kayak
Center- they are great. Ask for Ryan:

If you're willing to travel a few miles, other outstanding dealers are:

This is in Vernon Hills on Milwaukee and Rte 60-Ask for Fritz or Matt

Ask for Jon- This is in Chicago on Irving Park Rd and Naragansett

I've annoyed all of them over the past two years that I have been paddling and they withstood the pain.

Good luck. These are all quality dealers.

Like Bruce said
Chicagoland canoe base is great if they want to be and Off Shore is OK. Go to the kaska web site for kayaking in the Chicao area… have fun!

Have you visited this one

Just visited Geneva Kayak
Thanks for the advice Bruce. When I saw this post, I headed over right away to Geneva Kayak. Very helpful people there. I got a few catalogs, and need to check into getting a trailer hitch installed in my truck before they can install the carrier.

Anyway, thanks for the help, I finally have a local place I can turn to.

Hey Bohemia- I haven’t visited them
but they are a dealer of Eddyline as their only line. They are very nice people and last year they brought their fleet a few times to the Skokie Lagoons for demos. I tried the Nighthawk 16.

They hold classes and lectures during the winter and also seem like a quality outfit.

Glad you had a good experience

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Ceberon and best of luck in selecting a boat. I purchased my Valley Aquanaut and Werner Ikelos paddle at Geneva a few weeks ago.


on the new boat Bruce!

When we goin’ padddlin?

Ikelos is a 27 oz. Werner bent shaft
carbon high angle paddle Bohemia; 26 oz. in a straight shaft. I needed a change from the 230 cm. Werner F/G low angle paddle that I bought for our first 29" wide tandem in 2004. I can’t find the derivation of the word Ikelos on the web.

Rusty- thank you. Cooldoctor and I were contemplating an I&M Canal trip on June 4; launch is about 80-90 miles from me and a little longer for you. I’ll try to post something on “Getting Together” next week.

I thought it was Ilekos!
But I look and I see that you’re right. (Eating crow.) Must have confused it with our honeymoon at Iliki. Ikelos, Ikelos … I must make a point to remember that. The name of a cheap aluminum-and-plastic paddle I can pronounce, but you see how with an Ikelos I’m (you’re!) out of my element! ;^)