good kayaker's magazines?

I apologize…a bit ago I made a post about Canadian based kayak magazines. I just made a post in that thread, but it didn’t bump it up to current, for some reason.

that aside, what are some good general kayak mags? our library system gets Canoe & Kayak, so that one won’t be needed. I’m asking 'cause I’m going to get my lil bro a few subscriptions I think.

we just sent him on a course to learn some paddling techniques and how to do self/friend rescue. I bought him a PFD earlier this month, so he’s really beginning to get psyched up :wink: nobody has the money to buy a boat right now, so it’s mostly been rental’s, but we can afford to ge thim the odd’s n end’s he’ll need. might send him on a course to learn how to roll, have to wait to hear back from the instructor and have to find a good wilderness first aid course to put him/me thru.

he’s serioulsy thinkging about as Pygmy, the Coho or maybe the Osprey (I like the Queen Charlotte myself) being he has a friend who said he can build it at his place with his help. we’re thinking about taking a trip down to Pygmy boats so he can try out boats (if they’ll let him) to see if he really wants to go that route. he’s good with his hands (only one in the family LOL!l) so he really likes that idea.

anyhow, sorry for the rambling :smiley: what kayak/canoe/paddling magazines do you read or recommend?

Adventure Kayak (Quarterly), Rapid (mostly whitewater, also quarterly), Paddler (monthly). All good reads!

I ordered canoe and kayak…
they proccesed our check, and never sent one issue!!

Right here on p-net

Had that problem. My wife ordered it for a Fathers Day gift, haven’t missed an issue yet

Just make me want to buy stuff, and therefore make me generally not content. I’d urge your brother to build a Pygmy. Time spent building the Pygmy is immensely satisfying. Time spent reading magazines is generally just distracting and depressing.

thanks for the link…
…I’ll refer my bro to it and see what he thinks! we’ll have to see about the Pygmy idea. it all depends about finding somewhere to build it. they live in a trailer park and have no room or place to build it, and with winter fast approaching…

Sea Kayaker is the one
to get - it’s the best, if you paddle these boats. As for Pygmy, it’s a relatively cheap way to get a top-quality boat. Have him check out the Artic Tern model, also. I just built one for my wife (the smaller 14 footer), and it’s a dandy…