Good luck - Clinton 70 milers !

this coming weekend.

I hope you all get PR’s

Go NCCRA guys and gal



What is a PR?

Personnel record.

The Clinton…

A National Legend!!!

Yaah good luck racers have fun.

And No DNFs!!!
Before you ask, String, it’s “did not finish”.

Good Luck
(Particularly Pam and Susan!)

Paddle WFO! (No translation offered; it’s prime time.)


In Spirit
Once again, circumstances have consipired against me and I will be stuck in the studios of WCDO all day Sunday and Saturday, doing the broadcast coverage of the Clinton. It’s the most frustrating job in the world, to be so close to a premier event with top paddlers and be denied the chance to see it!

I’ll certainly be on the water with all the paddlers in spirit and wish al a great race day.

Temps Monday expected in the mid to upper 70’s.

We’ve got a few Florida paddlers up there, although I know you midwest and east coast guys think that no one in Florida is all that fast.

Kaz of Millbrook Boats is competing.
He has a fast solo downriver boat called the Swamp Hen, but I don’t know if that’s what he’s using.

Thank you!

Water levels are low, so it’s going to be a real slog. It’s not likely I’ll beat my time from last year because of water levels, but I’ll do my best. :slight_smile:


Clinton Kayakers
No Clinton for me this year, but Rob F. from the Boston area is doing his first Clinton in his Tbolt, sounds like there will be lots and lots of shallows!

Last Clinton I paddled
I ended up poling th elast 10 miles. pray for a sudden monson…

Good luck to all of you folks up there. I wish I was there…

on the Michigan teams! Best racers in the country!!!

Serge Corbin
The best in North America…

been there
Took 9.2 hours in the t-bolt. Had to mooch water at the halfpoint becuase had no pit crew. Glad i did it once. In high water it is nuts becuase you are alone with few camps. In low water it is nuts becuase you ruin the boat. I love lighthouse to lighthouse race and this year am doing and 90 miler. What if you rip holes in your boat half way thru?

hey isnt in it
Corbins not in it. so my guess it goes to M Rimer

any results yet?

He won

– Last Updated: May-27-08 4:05 PM EST –

Kaz won the Pro C1 class although I am sure it was in a J type C1 and not a Swamp Hen.

The Clinton this year was brutal, the low water levels were agonizing. :slight_smile: My race report is here:



I heard it was bad
My congrats to all of you.

You are true hard core paddlers.



you lucky people who did not do the race missed the lowest 70 in history!!! it was a boat killer!!!