Good Luck Gulf Coast..

I have friends just move from the Keys to Gulf Shores.
Even a CAT1 can make an expensive mess between the surge and rainfall.

A few of you down there have earned a skip this season for yourselves.

Thought of you when I saw the forecast for the Keys. You’re posting, so that’s good news.

“Gordon” turned into a tropical storm basically over Key Largo. Monday was just a real crummy day here and cut short the holiday weekend for many. All the water stayed in the canal B)

It hasn’t impacted central Florida at all, until they decide to evacuate the oil rigs off the Louisiana coast and raise the price of gas again. Fill your tank!

Yes I too wonder how you fared. Glad it was only just another rainy day. Looks like it will be more of a problem for the gulf coast and up the Mississippi River.

Panhandle daughter didn’t report. Likely just went to work as usual.

It was a tropical storm when made landfall. It wasn’t close to Florida either. Reports this morning indicated it may be more of a problem for the mid west due to converging Tropical depression and a low from up north. Flooding may result.