Good news, maybe

My wife and I are visiting a labradoodle puppy this evening. Neither of us has been able to get over losing Lilly. She left a huge hole in our family.
Hopefully, this little girl will fill the void. Even more so when she’s a big girl.


Bark at it again I see. Let me know if congratulations are in store.


Good glad to hear. You never get over it you learn to live with it. Lilly will be happy another of her kind will have a great home and tons of attention. You’ll give her the love for Lilly and herself. Very happy to hear this.

Post some pictures if this is the one. God bless.


You aren’t going to believe this because I can’t. We now have two labradoodles. They are 7 wo sisters , April and Honey. Those are their current names, but we like them. We pick them up in 10 days.
The plan was maybe one, then my wife said two dogs are better.
I’m going to need a bigger boat with a motor.


Double the Fun! Congratulations!!

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Dogs do take a piece of us when they pass. Last one I put down was licking my face a lot at the vet before we helped her pass. Just broke my heart.

Be interesting to see if they are jealous of each other when they get older.


They have different personalities . The yellow one is slender and adventuresome and the other is chunky and loves everyone.
We’ve almost always had a pair of dogs but never 2 sisters.


Like the time my wife came home with two cocker spaniel brothers. The big guy was alpha outdoors and the runt was in charge indoors.

Good luck with your new family.


Aww! Enjoy!

Awwww x2

Puppy love!!! :heart:

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I was born into a family of dog people. I still have scars on my fingers from a Cocker Spaniel when I was a toddler.
My family has never had one, and won’t.
We have also never had 2 big dogs but 3 fellow paddlers have 2 or more. Must be contagious.

The Sirens of String.
Thanks yee doodles they’ll sing.
But dog gone ain’t it told,
SOT’s not big enuff cargo hold!
For this new kennel ration,
should doggy paddle be passion.
So as Argomutts you crew train,
get thee case of Wenonah’s Champlain.


That’s a big canoe! A friend builds Santee Boats and they take motors. I have a vision of me driving and the dogs in the front with their ears flapping.

Those doggies are absolutely adorable!!

Your wife is right! Great news!

I was at a hunt test competition this spring. There was a guide there with an English Cocker Spaniel. . The cocker did real good with upland game birds. It was just getting into water bird retrievals.

They like to run their little legs. The biggest problem with sporting dogs is the don’t get enough exercise.

My mother’s family had cockers, still had a couple around in the earliest days of my being present for visits. I always found them a bit more temperamental than some of their larger kin like Springer or Cumberland spaniels. But as Overstreet mentions, a lot of their problem was because they were kept pretty solely as pets and didn’t get the task level and time they needed to run down.

String, I am glad that you have these two girls! I find the —doodles to vbe pretty nice dogs.

Kayaking this week

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Still good news but we have decided to get only one puppy. After a lot of research and deliberation, I don’t think I can give 2 the proper amount of attention they need. For awhile I’ll be able to carry her in my Tarpon, hopefully til summer’s end.