Good Noseplugs?

I’ve been using a pair of these for rolling practice for a couple of years:

They kept slipping off my oily nose so I glued little patches of green kitchen scrubbies to them, which helped a little. But now those have fallen off and I’m looking for something better.

Are generic swimming nose plugs better?

How about these from NRS?

Appreciate any advice you can offer.


same route
I’ve used Smiley’s and Speedo and neither worked well on my nose (large bridge). I saw someone using something that looked like little rectangular sponges that clip on either side of your nose - I’d like to find those, they looked good.

I had the same problem. I saw a post by Greg Stamer saying that he too had the same problem, and had solved it with the spring clip type plugs (Tweakers from Harmony)

I purchased some and they work great.

Wish I Could Help More…

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The best nose clips out there are dirt cheap. How often does that happen? They are a simple metal clip with a tan rubber coating. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the clip. I remember the store that sells them however:

You might give them a call and see if they still have them. They could at least give you the name of the model.

bride to large?
are you using the plugs with the metal piece above your nose, in an upside down ‘U’ shape? Try using them from the bottom in a U shape. Does that make any sense?

I use my Smiley’s plugs in the U shape manner (or smiley manner, rather than the frown-y manner) and they work very well.

I’ve always had good success with the Smileys. The rubber disintegrated on one of my pairs after a few years.

I just bought a couple pairs of the cheapest ($1.99) clips I could find - just a plastic “U” with a rubber strap.

They were way too tight out of the package, but I hit them with a heat gun to soften them, and set the gap custom for my probiscus. They work great.

The best thing for rolling practice
is a snorkel mask…

Making nose clips
Here’s an interesting photo instruction on making them:

Sounds like many like the NRS Smileys, so I’ll give them a try. I suppose it’s largely a matter of personal fit, so I’ll probably have to try some more to fit my schnoz.

I agree that a snorkel mask with integrated nose cover is the best, as it seals well and allows you to watch your paddle blade and form. But I like the nose plugs for those impromptu rolling sessions.

And for snoring tentmates …


Tips of using smilies
1. Pinch the pads together before you put it on. Trying to pinch them together after they are on does not work well.

2. As indicated above, they fit better on some people if they are attached from below your nose rather than from over the top of your nose.

3. Wash your nose in some way before putting it on. Rubbing with plain water is better than nothing. Spit will help a little. A tiny amount of soap works well if you are in circumstances where that is feasible (like rolling practice in a pool).

Harmony is the Best
I have tried several and Harmony are the best, especially for long rolling sessions. They work well, don’t slip off and do not irritate the sides of my nose, like some others do.

Harmony makes both
Harmony distributes (makes?) both smileys and tweakers. Did you mean tweakers?

The only thing that works for me are Tweakers. At $16.95 they are a rip-off, but whadare ya goin to do?


Wine corks
Shape to fit and tether to your PFD. Dry white wine is best for this application.


The pinch-type will slip on sunblock
I have used both Smiley’s and Cottonmouth pinch-style noseclips. They both slip a lot and have to be repeatedly put on again because of sunblock residue. After a while, the residue gets worn off and they’re OK.

I have found it helpful to wipe the sides of my nose several times on my wetsuit sleeves. Pick a new clean spot for each successive wipe. Feel with the fingers to make sure the nose is no longer slippery.

BUT those Harmony Tweakers sound like the ticket. I’ll look for them.

BTW, the Cottonmouth noseclips have a slight edge over the Smiley’s, not for grip, but because the cord wraps around the metal and is attached to the nose pads. If the metal breaks, you are not littering the water with pieces of broken noseclips–you just have a limp, no-longer-pinching noseclip.

Dive masks are great for learning something new while underwater, and for making the transition from needing visual cues to using only body position/feel (just close your eyes with the mask on, then you can move on to doing without the mask).

Smileys by Wick
work darn good!

Masks are good for rolling, but they’re essential for finding on the bottom what you forgot wasn’t lashed down when you rolled. So, even with nose clips on your PFD a mask, even a snorkel, in the day hatch isn’t a bad idea.

Andy, here I thought you just shoved one

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wine cork up each nostril! ;-)

I Found 'Em
These are the best. I’ve tried most all of 'em.

So, why did people who bought this …
also bought two other kinds of nose clips? Enquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile: