Good options for larger helmet?

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a good larger kayak helmet, or a good custom helmet maker. My head measures about 60CM. I got a sweet strutter L/XL, but it pinches my head and causes headaches when wearing it. Naturally this isn't a good thing. I want something that I will wear, yet a quality product. I do prefer a helmet with a bill for sun shade like the strutter has.


Maybe a Gath
From Gathsports. Pricey as heck but they are good helmets, and have a shade bill.

I sympathize
My noggin is huge. I mean, it’s outrageous. I probably have some undiagnosed disorder.

I bought size XL in Gath, Sweet Protection, all the major brands. None of them fit. I finally found a ProTec XXL water helmet that fit fine. Not too pricy either. Hard to find, though. I ended up ordering mine direct. Good luck.

protec is lighter but less coverage
My normal paddling helmet is a protec. I can step up the protection with beefier helmets (own about 10) but for everyday paddling I use my protec ace the most. Light, easy to adjust, and I can cinch it down over a balaclava or baseball hat. Bottom line, I like how that helmet fits. It is on the more minimal side of things. I now notice that protec no longer markets to ww kayakers. So just know that other brands offer more protection and live with the consequences if you go with a lighter helmet, and remember to tuck tightly, another good defense against hitting your head.

another vote for Pro Tec

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My head is 58 cm and my L-XL Pro Tec is roomy enough to wear a neoprene or fleece cap underneath and still not be uncomfortably snug. I'm not aware of any with a bill, though.

Thankfully the WRSI trident came out in a larger size this season and it fits and works well. So far its the best option I’ve found.

Try Bern helmets. They offer XXL sizes.

I know your pain. I find L/XL helmets to barely fit me because they are too tight. BUT the new WRSI Current Pro L/XL was too large for me. I fit the L/M much better. It’s on my wish list now.