good pack canoe seat?

I’m rigging a new to her Wee Lassie for my wife. The previous owner just used a loose throw cushion; however, i wanted to give her a little more control over the hull; so, I’d want something that i could glass into or “glue” to the bottom of the hull. A slider would be nice, but not a necessity (I think).

Any good options that i should consider?

Thanks for any opinions.


Placid Boat Works
may sell seats separately. They have lots of seat options.

Most go for the low glue in seat…shown on the bench.

Those are nice. Maybe too nice considering the condition of the boat. It might look like a cherry on top of a turd-pile. Maybe placid can make me one with a chopper gun. :wink:

Seriously though, i like them. Thanks. I’ll look into the cost and will consider them, but i welcome more suggestions.

from the Hornbeck site

I will say that the Placid’s are contoured and angled so you do not get a sore back nor sciatica from pressure on the nerves in the back of the leg.

I don’t recall the price though. I got a high seat that nests over the low seat.

Hey Matt
I agree, that seat is a little too pretty. For the boat I’m keeping, I cut a seat shape (D) out of 1/4" plywood, glued a piece of oak about 5/8x1 1/4x24 under the straight side, and suspended this with 1/8" nylon. Two pieces go from the ends of the oak up to the rails. Two more pieces go from rear quarters of the D up to the thwart (the thwart in this boat is just a 2x2 with the edges beveled). At first I had it about 7" off the bottom, but that was a little too unstable. Down at about 5 1/2", it is perfect - much more comfortable and still plenty stable. If all this doesn’t make sense, I can take a picture for you.


maybe she needs wood?
No offense to the new to me lassie or the placid seats, but i can’t see gluing high gloss carbonfiber fixtures to the fiberglass mat interior. The previous owner did some nice wood work (which i plan on keeping); so, maybe a wooden or wood and cane option would do her right.

Wooden foot brace cold be an option too…

Dirk, I think i follow the D seat you described. Do you have problems with it swinging or is pretty stationary?

My Wife’s Seat

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After paddling a Bell Bucktail we began experimenting with different seat setups. The setup she has, she's used for about 2 years now. It's a 3" piece of minifoam with a Sitbacker, stadium-type seat attached with NRS straps. She fastens it to a rear thwart so it doesn't move. One of the boats she had I actually moved the rear thwart so trim would be better. It works really well. I also have a few sit on bottom seat pictures of a couple my friend made for his Hornbeck boat. Any of these could be affixed permanently, but we like the removable version. Here's a few pictures:

Pack canoe seats
Like kayamedic, I have a Rapidfire with the low and mid height seats. The low seat slightly leans me into the backband. I use that option when my back is feeling tweeky and desires the support. The mid seat slips over the low seat and slightly moves me forward, off the backband. More desirable for stroke mechanics when the back allows it.

It’s fantastic to have both options. I don’t know the cost as I ordered my Rapidfire years ago and prices on everything change over time. Call Joe to explore the cost of this option.


Anybody try to make a hollow hinged high seat with storage underneath? Why waste the space.Seems like it would be way handy.