Good paddling/camping Maine.

Hello. I’m planning on doing some paddling and camping around the Webb Cove and Stonington area in Maine, and would like to know if any of the islands around there have decent primitive sites for camping. I haven’t been able to find any maps that have that info. Thanks.

Its worth the $45 membership to

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Maine Island Trail Association.

Stonington is hugely popular with kayakers.

Public Islands that do not require MITA membership:
Hells Half Acre
Little Sheep (Big Sheep is private).

All of the above require a state permit if you are going to have a campfire.

The list at least doubles with MITA membership which gets you a very nice guidebook

The public islands can get very crowded in July and August.

BTW Pack out everything. Yes including that.

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    join MITA. The guide book alone is worth the $45, never mind the fact that it gives you permission to camp on many private islands. I did a 4 day trip off Stonington in mid-August last summer and saw only two people the whole time. Great area to paddle. Lots and lots of small islands to camp on, most with short, easy paddles to get to. I’m probably going again this August. Have fun.

Especially in late June to September MITA membership really pays off.

ALL islands have a camping capacity. Being able to use private islands at this time is a real plus.

We are going in two weeks midweek and crowds will not be an issue on public islands but August is peak.