good "paddling" dvds?

I want to build up a nice library of paddling related dvds and would like some suggestions. Not instruction dvds, but actual docs or movies. Right now all I have is what I just ordered, “Paddle to Seattle” but that’s what I am sort of looking for. Expedition type docs, personal and self filmed journeys and the like. I know you guys can come up with some great selections so help me build up my library! Thanks in advance.

TITS and Horizons and Paddle California

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The 4 This Is The Seas movies are all good. Each contains short segments on different areas and paddling, including some expeditions.

Eastern Horizons and Pacific Horizons are also good, and a similar format. Eastern focuses on eastern North America, while Pacific Focuses on Pacific Coast (mostly Pacific Northwest).

Paddle California is a new one and focuses on California (but a wider breadth of paddling types - includes white water and polo, along with touring). There is a review of it in the Spring Issue of California Kayaker Magazine (readable for free online at You likely would have to order direct from the film maker: (there is also a trailer on his site).

thanks for the links!


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By Bill Mason

A truly great one:

This is Canoeing
This is Canoeing, and This is the Sea, as mentioned. Also Song of the Paddle by Bill Mason, and Paddle to the Sea by Mason as well.

I’ve seen very few canoe expedition films that I really liked. It is like sunset pictures, just not the same. The camera does great things for action but somehow misses the sense of solitude/wilderness in the tripping experience.

Black Robe…eom

i think
KEN whiting has done some great work. And its great to sea him up close. I have pretty much learned "everything from the great 4 TiS films. I should mention “rolling with maligiaq”

its more stuff id like to study…gordon brown

propably my main inspiration now is Warren Williamson.

He is awesome, so smooth and atone with what hees doing. And theres countless great clips out there(here)

we are extremely lucky…

Second “Waterwalker”

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fatelmo is right on there.

Another one that's helped get me through the winter months is "Loon Country by canoe" and is part of a series called Solitudes by Dan Gibson. Its old ('85) and I've only seen it on VHS, but its a good one. No music, no narration, nothing but natural sounds and sights telling the story of a BWCA trip. Its only 30 minutes long, but it feels a bit like you've been on a little paddle trip when you finish it. Bet its available through Amazon.

As previously mentioned "This is canoeing" is good also and I believe it is available through Pnet.

1976 Dudh Khosi
I really like this dvd

yep here too

first solo of the Back river and other rivers in US and Africa

Call of the River
COTR is a documentary about the history of whitewater paddling in the US. A really, really good DVD.

Another one I would recommended is “The Eddy Feeling”. This one discusses what drives people of different skills and walks of life to come together as paddlers on the river. This video features great footage of Linville Gorge in NC.

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Excellent…love the COTR dvd and will order that for sure.

Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Keep’em coming.

I really like the morrall river guide dvd. It is porn for river people. During the winter I get a six pack and plan what rivers I’m doing next year and in what order, in what craft, ect.

works for me
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