Good paddling spots between Ohio &Utah?

We will be taking a road trip for 2 weeks next August from Ohio to South West Utah mainly for hiking but thought I would bring my Touring Kayak along if there were some great places to paddle between point. We don’t have our route planned as of yet so if anyone has any good suggestions I would appreciate it.

some ideas
Lake Erie Islands, - South Bass, Middle Bass, North Bass, Pelee Island, Kelley Island.

Michigan Islands - Sleeping Bears, Beaver Island and Friends

Pictured Rocks

Apostle Islands

Isle Royale

Great suggestions, but not exactly on

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the way to SW Utah.

Check out Eric Nyre's site on Colorado canoeing.

Well, it depends on the route :slight_smile:

Yeah, we went to CO for a wedding, took
the canoe, and on the way visited, sometimes paddled, rivers in Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. I always like to go a little out of the way to paddle something different.

It’s too late to get a permit, but the first canyon on the San Juan in NE Utah is a great run for a touring kayak.

something different
a touring yak is not a requirement for these ideas.

We like to paddle a state park in Northern Indiana called Chain o Lakes.

It was channels, small lakes, clear water and no motor boats other than a trolling motor allowed.

to paddle the whole chain it takes 4 hrs give or take.

If you are going into southern Indiana then check out Cliffty Falls State Park

Turkey run state Park: this has beautiful cliffs, suspension bridges and miles and miles of hiking trails beside the river.

Check water level in Turkey run state park before planning trip. Water level might be to low in middle summer.

also check out Shades State Park as a kayaking site.

In Ill.

Check out Fox river

Kankakee river (very fast flow on river most summers)

If you are thinking big water then stay north and hit Lake MI

the local Geniva ILL outfitter has nightly Lake MI trips and more.

hope this helps

check out Glenwood Springs, CO
We went thru there on our way to Utah in '97.

Spectacular scenery drving through Glenwood Canyon to get to the town of Glenwood Springs.

There is a huge hot springs swimming pool in town-there is a charge for using it.

If traveling this route works for you,

check this website:

Good luck, have fun.


Good suggestions
Thanks! We will probably start our planning next month and are currently putting together our stash of maps. Will have to see how many bodies of water can hit enroute. Can’t really do whitewater with the Yak I have so it will have to be more of a calm water paddle. Probably wont go the northern route as we did that 2 years ago for our trip to Yellowstone (didn’t have the kayak then).

Some of my favorites

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Red Feather Lakes in Colorado (Near Ft. Colins, camp near Dowdy Lake.)

Blue Mesa Resevoir, in COlorado - Camp on the Soap Creek Arm

Gunnison River above the lake

There is a huge lake along I-80 in Nebrasksa near Ogalala and also many spots along the Platte River.

You could also go into northern utah to flamming gorge dam and explore spots on the green river headed south -- this takes lots of driving and back tracking

You could do Bear lake in Utah then take I-15 down to Great Salt Lake then south.

I-70 there are mountain lakes in Colorado.
Once in Utah several resevoirs with good fishing

Yeah, Dillon Reservoir near I-70, and
not too far north on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park is Lake Granby and two other nice lakes, plus lotsa hikes.