Good Photo Share Sites???

What are some good photo share sites? There are several of us that paddle together and we would like to share photos and have options for making gifts from photos (notepads, t-shirts, etc.)?

You can share albums with others at your invitation, send prints to your local drug store, and order prestnts with your photos from them at pretty reasonable prices.

Kodak Gallery & Picasa (Google) Web
Kodak Gallery:

Free to upload and share, you can order prints (very reasonable cost - especially when they have print sales), and even pick them up at your local drug store/supermarket chain.

Here is a link to one of my albums:

I also use Google Images:

Free with gmail account (also free). I have not used it very long, and never ordered prints, so I can’t speak for that service, but sharing is easy.

Here is a link to one of my Google albums:

Ditto Picasa
Very easy to share with family and friends.

i use Webshots and like it.

Great photos
The kayak sail looks like fun.

So Webshots & Kodak gallery have a pretty good array of products & gifts? Before I download picassa…does it let you order stuff as well? Has anyone done a comparison of print prices between any photoshare sites?

You can order through Picasa - it allows you to choose from 3 vendors.

Picasa’s photo tools
I don’t know about other photo sites, but Picasa offers some pretty powerful photo-editing tools to crop, zoom, color-correct, and apply special effects to your photos. Sure beats buying and learning Adobe Photoshop …

For basic photo-hosting, I’ve been happy with PhotoBucket:


2nd Webshots
For storing lots of high res images online (for free).