Good price for a Necky Manitou?

Listed as a Necky Manitou 14 (and it is as best I can tell from the pictures):

Comes with a paddle but the seller doesn’t know what brand. Is $400 good for it, assuming it is in good condition? Being new to kayaking it’s hard for me to tell/figure it out since Necky’s are made any more.

That is a good price, assuming it looks as good as it does in the photos. Based on the hatches that is an older model, if you go and look at it make sure the neoprene covers are intact under the hard plastic covers on the hatches. Always carefully check the bow and stern of a used plastic kayak for evidence of dragging; I have seen numerous cases where the plastic in the stern is paper thin.

This one seems to have been well cared for and the Manitou 14 is a great kayak.

Yeah, I figured it was older simply due to the hatch straps. Thanks for mentioning to check for dragging. Anything else to look for specifically? I’ve never bought a used kayak before.

That is a very fair price. My brother has one and it’s a surprisingly capable little boat, and skegged boats in that size range are tough to find on the used market.

I also think it’s a fair price. It’s tough to find anything decent less than that. If there’s any chance you can try out the boat that would be the best way to tell how good a deal it is, though, because it’s got to be comfortable for you.

At a minimum sit in it for awhile.

If the inner hatch covers are missing – don’t despair, may have replacements for sale. I just got a pair of them for a 17 year old Perception kayak, a model that was discontinued in 2009. Their website has very detailed descriptions of what models and years the covers they have in stock will fit.

I agree that is a good price. I have paid that much or more for a half dozen similar older rotomold kayaks over the years and never been disappointed. The Necky’s are really well made and the Manitou is a very versatile model…

I am by no means an expert, but if it was me, I’d buy it.

Look for serial number on stern last two digits are the year. Paddle is? Get pictures of the bottom. Tell him send a picture of the paddle.

Your size is?

Awesome advice, thanks!

My size is 5’10" and 173 lbs.

For the moment my goal is to get into something “cheap” since the kayak I’ve been borrowing is being requested back. I was hoping for a 1-kayak quiver but based on what I’ve been reading here I doubt that’s going to be the case, so maybe this is the start of mine.

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I think you’ll fit fine. Sit in it on the grass for 5 minutes.

Looks like a pre 2011 based on the image shown, and hopefully the hatch covers are in good shape since both (2, 14) are sold out on that site.

Even if you end up not liking it, you should be able to re-sell it for about what you paid. I’ve found that regarding a well-priced used kayak as a potential free rental frees me up to go for it. :wink:

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I think you’ll fit just fine.